A new way to Get it Done...

What if you moved into the silence-.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have been finding the way through all the "get it done", "make it happen", "pushing" messages and strategies being shared everywhere. 

I am a "get it done" person, that's always been my gig. And it's part of what helped me create success in corporate and climb that ladder. 

And now for the last many years I have been finding my way to a new way of creating. A way that feels more inspired and less pushed and forced. 

Over the last many months that has even had me swing back to the other side of the spectrum feeling as if I am doing nothing. 

Doing more nothing than I have ever done before. 

Which brought up all sorts of things around my value and worth. I mean if I'm not getting shit done and contributing then I am nothing - or at least that is what it felt like. 

And even through the experience of nothing, my business continued on. New clients came to me. Existing clients continued working with me. My message and what I stand for deepened and evolved. 

So this NOTHING was really quite something. 

And now as I'm feeling the desire to come back toward center, to the in between nothing and everything, I see so many messages encouraging us to make it happen, get it done, etc. 

And I wonder... what is actually true? 

People who are pushing this push message certainly can have and create success, but what I discovered in my experience of doing "nothing" is that there is a way that doing SOMETHING is still a way of distracting us from something deeper. 

What if you moved into the silence? 
What if you experienced the stillness? 
What if you could trust that all you are here to create would still find its way from your soul into reality - as opposed to from your mind onto a to do list? 

So this is an invitation into a bigger conversation, what really wants to be done through you? What wants to be created from you, instead of what can you create? 

Because of course you CAN create lots of things, and there is a certain satisfaction in the DOING. 

But doing from thinking just adds more clutter and falseness to our experience, leading to stress, lack of depth, and a surface level creation rooted in a deep layer of longing - longing for something more. More meaningful, more true, more YOU. 

Doing from BEING... try that on - in the stillness, in the silence. 

That's where the truth lies. 
That's where your true creative genius lies. 
That's where your greatness shines. 

I'm opening space for a small group of inspiring women who are here to experience more CONSCIOUS EXCELLENCE in their whole experience, creating the next UP LEVEL in your business, your life, and your self. 

Send me a PM and let's see if this is the right fit for you to experience a more depth-filled success in your biz - and everywhere else.