Yesterday I received great news...



Yesterday I received great news...

So let's back up, over the summer I was diagnosed with SIBO, small intestine bacterial overgrowth.  I had been feeling exhausted, on the verge of depression, extremely lethargic, and physically uncomfortable in my body. 

AND - for my business - I wasn't able to fully resource.  I delivered to my clients and then I spent a lot of time healing, resting, restoring (which was a whole new experience for me, and left me feeling guilty and disconnected from my passion).  

When I heard this at first I felt relieved, like FINALLY we have an idea of what is going on so we can DO something about it.  Then when I learned more, I felt like this was going to be my experience for a very long time - if not forever. 

I had already been on a long healing journey, removed many foods from my diet, healed my liver, helped my hormones, and I still wasn't feeling great.  So this diagnosis was finally putting words to what I had been feeling for too long.   

I did all the things - removed more things from my diet, felt confused about what to eat and what not to eat, and began to discover that even though I had made many changes something significant had to change.  

Not my food, but me (even more - GASP!).  

So then I took matters into my own hands. I knew I was going to be the one to heal this. So I committed to discovering and implementing a daily practice to support me and my health.

I continued to take the supplements, committed to healing this naturally.  And I began to explore what would best support the whole me, not just my digestive system. 

I started with the energy work I had already been doing.  Discovering how the digestive system connects with other parts of my life - like receiving, nourishing, control - and how those energies were also showing up in other parts of my experience. 

I committed to a regular energy work schedule with myself and with my healers and teachers. 

I began a regular meditation practice, which guided me to kundalini yoga.  I began a 40 day practice - doing yoga poses, mantra, and meditation EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 40 days - and continue MOST days even now.  

This led me to sound healing, using the gong - both through one of my teachers and eventually for myself. 

I delayed going back to my holistic doctor as I knew that each time I engaged in that path it disconnected me from the truth of what I knew and had access to in my body.  

The pieces continued to fall into place.  

I spent a lot of time learning, healing, and clearing energy in my Akashic Records - both individually and with my teacher.  

What I discovered is that it's more than a digestive thing. It was about healing ME, not my digestion.  For me the core themes were about receiving, control, and receiving nourishment.

AND this had EVERYTHING to do with my business, money, relationship with my partner and kids, health - everything.  (You know, how you do one thing is how you do everything...)

And then, after feeling grounded enough in my own knowing and connected deeply to my truth, my practice, and myself, I did the SIBO test again and had the follow up appointment with my practitioner.

And the results are in - the SIBO is gone... (for now - it has a high likeliness of coming back, and I'm going to keep working my practice). ;)

And I feel so much better!  Clarity, energy, motivation - ah, it is so powerful.  

And my business has a new level of clarity, energy, purpose, and truth - I'm excited to share more with you!

So, my question for you is this...

What do you want to create?


What is the big thing you are dealing with or experiencing right now that you want to shift?

Are you ready to be responsible for your results?

That's not something to take lightly.  The willingness to be completely responsible is a big deal.  It doesn't mean you don't receive support, but it can mean that you aren't dishing out any blame, shame, guilt or giving way your power to anyone else. 

And when you combine the willingness to be personally responsible with a DAILY PRACTICE it amplifies your intuition.

Then your intuition can guide you on your path to discovering your healing/transformational path.

So what are you wanting to create?  What is wanting to come next from your soul's desire? 

Do you want to discover your powerful daily practice?  Join me for a complimentary mini-course where you will: 

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