Aren’t you tired of it? Struggle is no longer on the menu…

Where is struggle living in your body? 

Where is it living in your business?

I hear from you the struggle of how do I price, how do I message, how do I sell my work, how do I create new clients?

Under all the hows is a "running away" from struggle. 

Stop and breathe that in for a moment. 

Where are you running away from struggle by trying to figure stuff out?

Figuring things out is an activity for your mind.  Your mind is super smart, and it has served you for your whole life, and it keeps you alive!  Thank goodness for your mind!

And your mind is also connected to this other wealth of information – your body, your soul, god/universe/spirit/source (whatever you call IT). 

Perhaps your mind is tired of the struggle.  Maybe it’s tired of having to figure it all out, having to do it all on its own. 

Would you be willing to call in and RECEIVE support?  Support from your whole self, from all the parts of you that already know this, that already know how to stop the struggle.

So at this point your mind has probably already screamed “YES!”, and, what does the rest of you have to say? 

I’m curious, would you be willing to get curious?

Ask your body, soul, spirit, what would it like?  Would it like to end the struggle?

So, here’s what I invite you to do, get curious where you are feeling or experiencing the struggle in your body.  Bring your awareness there.  Get even more curious. 

Bring your awareness even closer, what do you notice?  Is it expansive or precise in it’s location?  Is there a temperature or a color? Is there a texture?

Can you get even closer?

Would you allow it to whisper to you a secret?  Go ahead, ask it, what would struggle like for you?  What does it REALLY want for you – it’s probably something pretty good.  (Because if it wasn’t truly helping you in some way, you wouldn’t use it anymore.)

Beautiful, so it wants something for you.  Thank it, send it gratitude, stay with it as long as you can until the experience of the feeling or sensation or emotion begins to shift or dissipate. 

Stay curious.

Keep breathing. 

Struggle is indecisive, it is back and forth, it is confused, it is not knowing.

The opposite of struggle is a gentle guided path forward.  It’s one step at a time.  It’s clear.  It’s simple.

Now that you have made friends with struggle and can appreciate what it is doing to support you, would you be willing to ask it what is the next step from here? 

Breathe.  Listen.  Breathe.  Listen. 

Listen from your whole knowing, as if your mind was eavesdropping from the other room. 

Beautiful.  Yes, go do THAT.