How to hear your TRUTH in the middle of UNCERTAINTY (3 simple steps & a story)…

Over the last few weeks I had set the intention to decide on a next step.  It was something that I knew I wanted to do, and at the same time there was a part of me that was a no to it – or at least a not now.  

I had a few weeks to decide and so I let it be and trusted that the decision would become so clear to me that I would just know.  

And during those few weeks life happened - birthday parties, clients, lunches to pack, soccer games, my ongoing commitment to my personal practice and personal development.  

The closer the date came the more anxious I was feeling.  I was a mix of emotions, and very much being in my head.  

My mind was in charge contemplating every which way of this decision.  I finally reached a point where I knew that in my heart I was a yes, but my brain was experiencing NO’s everywhere it could find something good to connect to.  So I let it be, I was a yes and my brain was going to have to get on board.

Then during one of my energy healing sessions something so profound happened that it changed everything.  I was like a new person, having released some more very core beliefs, and found myself reengaging with this decision. 

Something had changed.  And now I needed to make the decision from this new place.  

So back to the whirling feelings of anxiety and back to my brain working on overdrive to help me “figure it all out”.  

The night before this deadline I finally did these 3 things that helped me to reach peace, calm, and a final decision that feels so right and has stuck.  

1.     I set an intention to wake up in the morning with crystal clarity and a definitive answer. 

2.     I let my brain entertain all the rationalizations, I didn’t fight myself, I just let it do it’s thing (write it out, talk it out, think it out). 

3.     I asked to see and know the truth.  And for me in this moment, clarity came through instantly.  And then I wrote it out.  

Writing to yourself, or speaking it out loud, can be a really powerful way for you to connect to your higher self, or inner truth, so you can clear through the clutter and reach clarity.  

And that is when it all became clear to me.  This thing that was so important to me, melted away.  It was a freedom that I had been longing for for days.  I had clarity.  

I could see that this was something that is important to me.

It is important for me as I continue down my path and doing work that is purposeful and meaningful to me. 

It is an important part of my personal experience and something I remain committed to.

And, my answer was no.  I finally reached my decision.  

The really beautiful part was that when I reached this sense of peace and calm with the clarity of this answer, I began to see more new possibilities. 

I couldn’t see it when I was in it.  And I couldn’t get to the complete Yes or No until I worked through all the layers.  

No one could tell me what to do – even though I was so tempted to call in all the support (and I did spend a few sessions with my support team working through the layers), I had to find my own way all the way into this space. 

And now, in the NO, there is more possibility open to me than I could have imagined. 

I invite you to give this a try when you are looking for clarity – and be willing to peel back your layers (even the ones you don’t think are there, or can’t quite see), so you can reach your own version of peace and clarity. 

Sending you love,


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