Are you doing it for the right reasons?

You want to create your business success - whatever that means for you.  I get it.  But, are you doing it for the right reasons? 

We do it for the financial stability or reward

We do it for the contribution and to make a difference

We do it to be a great model for our children

We do it because it's what we love and it feels good (most of the time)

I'm very aware right now of how much time I have spent doing things in order to create something else.  And while that can be a way to be very goal-oriented and productivity focused, it was also causing a great deal of stress in my body.  

* Do a training so you can add more skills, so you can create more clients, so you can make more money. 

* Improve your health so you can have more energy, so you can do better work, so you can make more money, so you can relax.

* And of course there are all the regulars, like pricing, messaging, strategy, etc. that are all leading to something else. 

 And while everything leads to something, when we are DOING everything with the intention of it creating something else, it is taking something away from the experience.  

It is taking away the reason for doing it just because.  

Just because it's what you are called to next.  

Just because it is what you want.  

Just because you KNOW it is for you.  

Just because your body will love it.  

What if you were doing things just because. No attachment to the outcome. 

I know we say that, I'm not attached to the outcome, but I just discovered a very deep layer of beliefs that were hooked into my core that still had me running everything to create something for something else. 

And this new experience, whoa, an experience for an experience - and that's it...  that can be a bit much to take.  

Can I really let myself receive that?  Is it really ok for me to do something just because? Who do I think I am to not have all the logical reasons needed.  

Will I DO anything? 

Who will I be if I'm not this specific definition of success.  

The truth is that you will be YOU, the next best version of who you are.  

You are also who you already are.  ;) 

It's all good.  

And, I invite you to look at where you are attached to the outcome (even if you don't think you really are).  And what does that really mean to you?  

What does it really mean for you to BE just because it's what you are here to DO.  

It doesn't mean you won't DO anything in this space, you absolutely will.  It may be the same kinds of things or it may be totally different.  But it is coming from a place of deep trust and love in yourself.  

Because this kind of love is knowing you don't have to DO anything to BE.