Upgrade Your Money Story...

  • "I can't afford it"
  • "That's a lot more than I expected"
  • "Can I do that in payments?"
  • "I need to check with my partner/spouse..."

These are all so common for people as they have an opportunity to take an action toward what they want to be experiencing in their life or business.  

Here is what I see - the things that our potential clients (or our current clients) bring to our sessions or conversations (even the sales conversation) are often the things we have worked through -  or are an opportunity for us to work through. 

It is our greatest mirror.  

If you are having the experience of everyone wanting to do a payment plan instead of paying in full, where does that show up for you in your experiences with money? 

If you are having the experience of people wanting to think about it, where does that show up for you in your experiences? 

This doesn't just show up with money or working through fear or objections, but even our beliefs or experiences in other areas of our life. 

The choice you can make is what to do with these experiences?  

Often we can feel triggered when it shows up in front of our face and we can react or shut down or move through our own process.  Or we can choose to take it in, see that it's there, appreciate the reminder that it is here for us to move through and then do our work.  Our work that is never complete.  Our work that continues to deepen our experience.  

What is the work that is wanting be seen and addressed for you?  

If you are seeing that your money story is showing up for you and you are ready to change your experience, I invite you to join me in Healing Your Money Story - So You Can Handle The Money Objection.  I'm offering a tele seminar coming up soon and I invite you to join me there, you will receive a link to join this free call coming in the next couple of weeks.