Why hasn't it happened yet...

A part of you wants to create something in your business.  And another part of you wants something else, something different.  

Perhaps a part of you wants to create a big successful business and another part of you wants to stay flexible, small (and maybe hide a bit).  

Maybe a part of you wants to have a successful business and another part of you is worried if you do it will take away from your commitment to your family.

As I just was reminded, when you don't yet have what you want, something isn't congruent.  There is a good reason you haven't yet created it, as a part of you may be trying to protect yourself to stay safe.  

When you bring the different parts of you into alignment you can take powerful action forward to create what you want.

So what do you want?  

Where do you see the conflict in desires?  

If you are curious how you are keeping yourself from creating what you want - or if you are looking to create more clarity on exactly what you want to create next - I invite you to set up a session with me so we can create clarity and breakthrough to what comes next.  

There will always come times when you feel unclear, stuck, or uncertain.  It's what you do in that time that determines how you move through it.  

I would love to hear from you!  What is it that you really want?