Are you Different?

Do you feel like you are different from everyone else? BUT you still are trying to fit in, trying to be like everyone else, trying to belong? 

Where else is this showing up for you?  

Here's the thing, you are different.  

Be different.  Let it be ok that you're different. What if you didn't need to fit in, but you still get to belong?  What if the very thing that makes you different is the exact thing that makes YOUR people, your tribe, want to belong with you.  

So instead of trying to cover up what makes you different, let's go crazy in the opposite direction.  Let all your DIFFERENT out.  Big!  What are all the things that are different about you? 

This is what I used to shy away from: 

  • I love business stuff - totally geek out on case studies, stories of successes and failures 
  • Won't. Stop. Learning. 
  • I'm super into the woo-woo stuff
  • I'm analytical and creative
  • I like spreadsheets, money, and feel magical when I create
  • I've studied energy work and love it
  • I use Oracle cards and a pendulum
  • I do Akashic Record readings and healings
  • I'm super practical
  • I am highly driven
  • I am 100% committed to my vision - even when it isn't crystal clear to me
  • I am a personal growth geek - that's what I do for fun - learn more
  • I believe we are here to continue to evolve and grow

Some of these things might not be different to you - since after all, you are here in this community, maybe you share some of these differences.  And some of these things might not seem different to you at all, but to me they were.  In my life, my quest to belong has served me greatly.  And now it doesn't.  

As I continue to move further down the path of living and speaking my truth, I know that without calling out what makes me different I am actually hiding some of the most important things that help people to connect with me, my message and my big work I want to create in the world.  And ultimately keeps them from creating what they really want in their business and their life. 

And the same is for you.  

So what's your list, where are you different? 

Share your differences in the comments below.  It's time to own it, and time to celebrate.  Because in the end, our differences are what make us unique and that's where are special magic lives.  

And, join me for my next complimentary, live class where we dig into Your Difference is Your Power, so you can create consistent clients with a sales and marketing system that's different - like YOU! 

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