I hate this...

I hate this…

And I don't hate much of anything. But what I do hate is to see women beating themselves up in their life for the success of their business based on other people's perceptions, expectations, or realities. 

There's such a story being told that it's easy to create a business. And when people don't instantly know their niche, instantly know the programs they want to offer or instantly bring in many clients in 30 days or less, they start to beat themselves up. 

Are you beating yourself up for not meeting up to someone else's standards?

The reality is that each person is on their own path. And each person's path is going to be as long or short as it needs to be. Of course there are things we can do to move that along, like getting support from a coach, a business mentor, spiritual counselor, or many other things. But even that is part of your path if that's what's calling to you. 

I have had maybe five different niches over my time creating my business. I didn't know instantaneously which was the one that was right for me. I had to move through a process of coming out of my head and overthinking, which was my pattern. I moved into a space of trusting my knowing. For me that was longer than what that might be for someone else. And maybe it's shorter than it might be for another person. 

The more you you measure yourself according to other people's public stories (or anyone else's stories AT ALL), the more you're in resistance to your own.  As soon as you release the expectations and the standards and the stories, you can lean into your own truth. 

There's risk in starting a business. It's not a guarantee that it's going to be successful.  But it's so important to ask yourself, what are you believing about creating a business?  For me, it was not an option to NOT start my business or have it succeed. That doesn't mean that I didn't go through a ton of stuff emotionally with my beliefs, but I don't regret one step. 

I chose to follow other people's programs and steps so that I can test out the approach and prove to myself that I can earn money helping people doing work that I loved. And once I did that and showed it to myself that it was possible it created a freedom for me to dig deep, get rid of a bunch of my shit, and figure out what my real purpose is. 

It's just like what they say with rock stars who become overnight successes. There's no such thing as an overnight success. Nobody knew about the years or decades that they practiced and worked under the radar when nobody knew who they were or what they were doing. But they stayed committed until it happened. 

So my question to you is how bad do you want this? How committed are you to creating your version of success? 

Your version of success could look like working 10 hours a week when your kids are in school or while they are napping and making $3-$5000 a month. It could look like working 25 hours a week and making $10,000 to $20-$30,000 a month. It could be an online business or an off-line business. You could want to be a speaker or write a book. Maybe you only want to work with private clients one on one. 

When you move into your truth - that is when you are in flow - that is when you are aligned. And when that happens that's when things get to be more effortless. 

You have to be committed.  And you have to be aligned.  There's no blueprints or process that is going to identify for you your exact model without trying some things out. What created success for others was great for them, now you have to try some stuff out and see what is aligned for you. 

And here's the kicker, it changes over time. Because you're always evolving, your business is always evolving. And as that happens you get to change things. So what you decide today does not have to be what you keep forever. 

The most important thing is that you're taking action from a place of inspiration. And inspiration comes from being in alignment with your truth. 

If this is bringing up a bunch of your stuff, hit reply and let me know what's going on.  I hold the belief that we are all here to create our unique version of success. 

And if you would like support while you move through your experience reach out. I'm not going to put you in a box and tell you I have the exact way for you to do ANYTHING. I'm here to help you peel back your layers to see clearly who you are and what your path is.  

And, I am a life long learner, I can't get enough.  I've tried a lot and studied many different things - and if I can help you it would be my honor, and my pleasure.