I changed my mind...

Before the summer began I created the possibility to structure my work and my client schedule in a way that would allow me to spend the summer with my kids.  This was exactly what I wanted.  In fact, it has been the very thing I wanted for years - 11 to be precise.  I have always wanted to have the relaxing, playful summer with my kids - instead of being at a job or working in my business.  And this year it was happening.  

And it was amazing.  I have been able to be there with them, play with them, comfort them, play LOTS of games, and more.  

AND I started having a lot of questions come up about my work.  

I was losing the passion that I had held for so long.  The passion that would compel me to work early in the morning or late at night - to get things done.  This summer I had this overwhelming desire to just BE with my family.  So I did that.  

I started to make meaning about this change for me.  I thought it meant that I was evolving in my work, that something was off, or a host of other things.  But what I just realized in the last week, is that now I want something different.  I changed my mind.  

I am absolutely grateful for this time and all the experiences that have taken place over the summer.  

AND, I also realized that my work is a big part of who I am.  I designed it that way - to be an amazing extension of myself.  My personal growth, the things I love to immerse myself in, the things I can't stop learning about, all of that goes into my business.  And when I took this time away from that part of my business I was putting away a part of myself.  So I realized that this desire for the endless summer of fun with my kids is not what I want right now - not completely to the exclusion of the other part of me.  

Maybe it's because summer is coming to an end and this is the natural progression of things.  But what I have realized is that it is healthy for me to create more time for me to do my work.  I want to have time to focus and immerse myself in this part of me AND have time with my kids.  So what I want now is a different kind of balance than what I wanted at the beginning of the summer.  And that's OK.  

I have heard from many of my amazing clients - women entrepreneurs who have kids - about this same thing, it is a running theme right now.  We have one set of plans or a vision for the summer, and then it doesn't go exactly that way.  Or it does go that way, but now it's time for something different.  

What I have witnessed is women moving into feelings of not meeting their own expectations.  When the reality may be that they simply created a new desire for themselves and allowed themselves to be with that fully.  And now, the brain is kicking in with the old pattern of not checking everything off the big to-do list - and that means we are bad or not worthy or... 

So, I invite you to let it be OK that you may have changed what you want.  It doesn't have to mean anything about you or your great work or who you are as a parent.  It just means you decided to make something else a priority.  

Now, if things are shifting again, this can be a time to come back to what you want now - it doesn't have to be the same.  As long as we are being true (and not hiding out, or getting stuck in our old patterns that keep us stuck or small), then we get to create the true path for us now in this moment and take inspired action from here.  

Leave the past behind you and move forward from this desire right now.  

I feel inspired to support you in getting clear about what you want for your business in the last few months of the year so you can create a clear vision and inspired actions so you can be aligned and create what you really want.  

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This is an interactive workshop where you will walk away with clarity and the actions that are right for you to create your vision.  

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Here's to your definition of success - as ever changing as that may be.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action. 

Sending you love -