My biz and spiritual cocoon + 3 practices to move through the deep work...

I'm in a cocoon. 

Well, it's sort of like a business and spiritual cocoon.  

Here's what's going on.  It might be a combination of moving to the next level in my work and my purpose, with a little "don't let yourself have it too good" on the side.  I am in transition.

Over the last few months we've sold our house and moved into a new beautiful home in a new city.  That's transition right there.  

Plus, I have 3 kids and over the summer created the opportunity and structure to get to spend most of each day with them.  (There are 3.)  And they are all shifting and changing as they adapt to our new home.  So that's some more transition.  

After we moved and started to get settled, I began to discover that there was a deeper process taking place, some deep soul work.  I shared that I didn't go on the business retreat with my mentors and tribe a few weeks ago, and that was just the beginning.  

I now find that I am in a cocoon of sorts.  I have gone inside, craving lots of time to myself - without much of it available - since I am choosing to do my best to be present with my kiddos each day.  

The good news is that when this type of experience would happen in the past, I thought there was something terribly, horribly wrong.  Now I know that this is a part of my evolution, a part of my soul's opening to a new deeper level and sharing the next step with the rest of me since I'm now nearing ready to hear it.  

I discovered that this summer is my time to do some deep inner work, and that is showing up in my family, my perspectives, and my passion business.  

One of my coaches shared with me that it's time to come out of the soul closet.  

What does that even mean?  For me, it's time that I lead with soul in all of my life, instead of just once you really get to know me.  My clients know that I love listening to the inner wisdom, my intuition is crazy good, I love Oracle cards, meditations, brain re-patterning, shifting deep beliefs, and looking within for all the really good answers (or most any answer).   

And others may also get a sense of this from my blog posts and emails.  But I stay behind the sales, marketing, and business stuff because that is still where my brain is comfortable.  And I know that my soul is comfortable there too - and it's time for me to let the rest of my woo-woo'ness come out to play, for anyone who wants to see.  

During this cocooning time, I have been working on my processes for developing this soul clarity, one of which has been reading the akashic records.   (Which, I will be opening up a couple spots to do complimentary business readings soon, if you are interested in grabbing one of those spots you can reply to the email and we'll let you know if you get one.)

And there have been other practices that have been integral to peeling back these layers to discover more of my soul purpose, so I'm sharing those with you here.  

Here are 3 practices I am using during this time to dig deep...

  • Set an intention before bed - let your mind and soul do the work for you and deliver it to you in the morning.
  • Have a written conversation with your knowing before bed, sit for a set time every evening before bed - ask question and write down answer.  Then come back to it in the morning and decide which inspired action to take.
  • Walking meditation - I've shared this one before in a previous blog, but it is a part of my daily practice.  The nature/meditation combo hits the spot. 

I would love to hear about your experience when you are moving through these types of challenging or growing experiences - tell me all about it in the comments below, or send me a note back!