Do sales stress you out? Well, your stress is ruining your sales.

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes around whenever you have to pick up the phone to have a sales conversation (or strategy session)?  You would rather just hide away behind your computer learning the latest fad on how to get new clients without talking to anyone...EVER. 

Then there is the stress about: 

  • the beginning and end of every month
  • getting new clients
  • how to run your business that feels like you

I know, I get it.  

But that stress you feel about not wanting to have a sales conversation (or everything else) is actually making your sales conversations so much worse.  When you have stress (a lot or a little) it actually impacts the way your brain - and body - work.  It causes you to move into this place where you might not even be able to remember your oldest child's first name!  

Yep, it's true.  Stress really gets in there and messes things up.  And if you don't feel comfortable or confident in your sales conversations to start with it's only going to be worse. 

So how do you get out of stress when you want or need more sales AND sales stresses you out?

I've got two answers for you  -  Skills and Surrender. 

Skills first. When you learn the skills to having a sales conversation in a way that feels good - it feels like you, you feel confident and comfortable - just like you are picking up the phone to call your best friend - you will be always be able to bring in new clients.  

That reduces your stress right there. 

But since they both impact each other, we also need to impact the stress of other parts of your business.  Because even killing it during the sales conversation with your new skills can get tripped up temporarily if you are a stress case.  Your potential clients can feel that and run.  Fast. 

Surrender.  It's time to release what you can't control and focus on what you can.  From this place take an action that you feel inspired to take next.  Sometimes you have to let everything go.  Take a walk, go for a run, be in nature, find a homeopathic stress serum (just kidding, kind of).   

Let it all go.  Then come back fresh.  Dig back into your skills and take the next step.  

You can do this.  

If you are feeling called to stop the stress-inducing sales fears, then join me for some stress-reducing secrets to have a sales conversation you can feel great about.  

Click here for a free audio class on The 7 Steps to Authentic Sales Conversations that Convert: 

It will change your very next sales conversation (you just might even start feeling good about the word 'sales'...)  ;)