This Week's Blog: 5 Surprising Steps to Infuse MORE in Your Business

Have you ever had those days where you just aren't that into what you are doing?  Maybe things feel kind of plain jane, a little boring, not lighting you up from the inside?  

It is so common for people to push through and make themselves do it.  And the result is that the action is done from a place of push instead of flow.  And that can turn off the success of the action right there.  

My theme for this summer is all about play, fun, and connection. So as I am focusing on my work, it is also about play, fun, and connection. And I'm making some changes to things that were not feeling that way for me. And making some new choices about how I can commit to things that I do want in a more playful way. Empowered action definitely is a game changer. 

What could you do that would be more playful in your work? How would that feel?  

Playful sales conversations? A sales strategy that incorporates a sense of play and fun? Yes!

What can you bring to your work in a way that is playful? 


5 Surprising Steps to Infuse MORE in Your Business

1.  Connect with what you WANT to do

Not the thing you have to do, or should do, or need to do.  But if you could choose anything (cause you can) what is the one thing you really want to do? 

2.  Have some fun outside of your work

How you do one thing is how you do everything!  Where are you wanting to have more play or fun in other areas of your life?  With your partner, your kids, your free time, your workouts, your food?  Pick one area and make a decision to infuse more fun!

3.  Take a PLAY break

So maybe you are rolling through your to do list and it's time to take a PLAY break.  When you take small breaks throughout your work time, you are more productive during the time you are getting things done.  Dance party with the kiddos, jump rope, go for a walk or a bike ride...

4.  Set an intention for FUN

What are you deciding about your work?  Can you decide that today, in this moment it can be fun?  Setting intentions is so powerful and can shift things up.  So check in with your mindset and what you are believing about the work you are doing, and how you "should" be approaching work.

5.  Get clear on the outcome

When you have more fun in your work what is possible?  What gets to happen when you bring more playfulness to your work, to your clients, to your approach?  When you get clear on the outcome, you may start to see that you can't afford not