Do you THINK or FEEL your way in business?

I come from a long history of thinking everything.  Some of you may have heard me describe myself in the past as if I was a walking head - completely not connected to the rest of my body, knowing, insights, or feelings.

I would think EVERYTHING.  

It was all a very over intellectualized process.  Which can be very painful.  There can be decisions based on fact, but so many things can be argued one way or the other.  I could see both sides of everything.  

That was helpful in the corporate world, and being a responsible employee.  However, it didn't serve me as well in my own business.  Yes, I made decisions quickly and often in the corporate world, but they were never completely my own.  Even the ones that appeared to be my own, never really were.  And I grew to understand that and work within that structure.  

Making Decisions Now...

Now, running my own business, making decisions quickly and often is the name of the game.  Over the last 4 years I have been learning a new way to BE in my business.  I have been living it and evolving it for the last few years now and really coming into what is true for me.  

Over the weekend I was at a spiritual center in Seattle where I go for another form of connection and inspiration and we did this really interesting exercise to connect with our purpose.  It wasn't a purpose like, "you should teach people how to be great at authentic sales conversations".  It was at a higher level.  One thing I realized about myself is that discovering and living our truth, creating inspired success, and creating our own definition of success, are at my core purpose.  

It was both an aha AND a "well, of course!".  It is fundamental in my podcast every week, after all!

Owning My Process

The way this all comes together is that I am now owning and completely trusting my new decision making process.  It is absolutely informed by data, but it is not ruled by data.  I cannot connect to my truth only in my head.  I connect with my truth in my whole body.  It is a practice I have developed that serves me in every part of my business.  (It's how this blog post is coming to be in this moment as well!)

My New Decision Making Process

My new decision making process is a combination of my head and my feelings as input, but the final decision comes from my whole body knowing.  I can now see where my mind is operating out of fear or story, and can still sense that it is what I should do anyway.  

In the past I would see all the things that could go wrong in every situation.  Again, great for the corporate world in my previous role.  But it is not the way I now run my business and make my decisions.  

There's Evidence

It has taken a great deal of practice and trust to learn and develop my inner guidance system.  To know that I could trust it.  Now, I have enough EVIDENCE to support this way of BEing in my business, that I know whenever I fall back to my old habits, often I can catch myself and clear a new path that provides more inputs and awareness.  

What is your decision making process?  When you are a YES, do you do it and figure it out?  

Share with us below in the comments, I would love to connect with you and hear your perspectives.