Optimize for time...

Are you feeling tied to the phone or computer, thinking if you let up for a moment you might lose dollars?

For many of my clients,  when they dig deep, the big  WHY  behind the work they do is their family,  specifically their children. It's the reason why they started their own business, why they stand on the edge of living their truth even as it is continually stretched.  And now, as we move into the summer, a lot of women on a mission, who have big plans for their business and the world, also want to spend lots of FUN time with their kids during the summer.   

I have spent lots of time optimizing for revenue and sales in my business, and this summer things are being planned differently.  Having the flexibility in my business, with my clients, and my important projects so I can also have completely present, mindful time with my kids.  

So what does it mean to optimize for time?  

This is about identifying the big projects, or income that you want to create during this time frame, and then the number of hours you want to put toward your work and family.  Then developing the business structures to accomplish both work and play as you desire it. 


4 Steps to Optimize For Time

1.  Set clear boundaries

When is the time you want (or need) to work or be with your kids.  Map it out, what are the hours you are dedicating to each.  Set clear boundaries for yourself and those around you - your support team, your clients, your family. 

2.  Look for leverage

Identify the ways you can support your clients in less time.  What are your high value projects, clients, or tasks that create a big impact in a small amount of time?  What are the things you can let go of or delegate so you can focus more on the leveraged areas?  

3.  Create offers

Create offers that align with your boundaries and leverage your time.   This is where you can deliver your content and create value for your customers in a way continues to create leverage and income.  Can you offer a group course, a live or virtual workshop, a one day training? 

For some of my clients we have created offers and time structures that are different than what they choose to do the rest of the year.  This kind of flexibility is amazing, if you let it be.  So my question to you is to get really clear on what you want.  Not just what you want for the year, but what you want at different times throughout the year, what you want during the week and what you want each day. When you step out of the rhythm of your daily routine and allow yourself to envision new possibilities, what might you create that will really fuel you to a new level?  

4.  Optimize at work and at home 

Where are the areas at home that you can create more flexibility and fun?  

  • Hire someone to clean your house.
  • Order your groceries online.
  • Make your meals with left overs
  • Hire a neighborhood teen to care for your yard

I would love to hear your how you are optimizing for time both at work and at home.  Share in the comments below!