It's time to Hustle

There is an experience I have when I am in flow, where I get shit done, but it happens so effortlessly.  It feels like it is just rolling out of me, and I am highly productive.  I LOVE this feeling, I love this experience, I would love to have this all the time. 

But I don't.

And there are times when you have to hustle through, even if it doesn't feel in flow.  This used to trip me up, because if it didn't feel in flow, then I thought perhaps I shouldn't be doing it.  

For example, I just did a kind of crazy thing.  I had committed to attending an event in New York City and then another commitment came up for the very next day in Tucson.  Now there was notice, and I made a decision in flow.  I knew that I wanted to be at both of these events, it was important to me to attend them in person.  

However, in the experience of being jet lagged, flying across the country, staying up late, getting up WAY to early, I was wondering what I had done to myself.  Had it really been my truth speaking that said YES to these events, or was it my brain. 

Because honestly, in the moment, I was exhausted.  I was the kind of tired where I could have curled up in a ball, covers over the head, and slept the day away - possibly shedding some tears along the way.  That tired.  

I knew that I was tired, I knew that I was't able to connect with the greater wisdom in me at that moment, and I knew that I needed to just stick with the plan.  And I hustled.  I did it, made it, rested, and got my stuff done that needed to get done.

There are times when this feeling needs to be honored and there are other times when we need to get our hustle on.  

For example, when we are generating revenue for our business, finding the hustle in the flow is ideal.  But sometimes you just need to take the action anyway.  

You may feel tired, or have so many things on your list, but there is a timeline that you arranged in your flow/connected state. In the middle of it is the time to honor the original intention.

This has been a big discovery for me.  Finding the place where I can be a YES to my intentions and honor my truth - and get my hustle on to create what I really want.  

What are you experiencing at this time - flow, hustle, both?  Where do you need to be experiencing more flow, and where do you need to be experiencing more hustle?  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.  

What do you most want to happen in your business next?  The combination of the connected flow state and the hustle may be worth trying on to see what is created from that amazing powerhouse of energy and intention.