Is everything coming to a screaming halt? 5 Steps to Summer Work AND Play

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it is summer time!  And for those mamas who are working creating their dream in the world and have school age children, this can be a time where everything may feel like it is colliding!

How can I keep moving forward with my business when my kids are here each day? 

How can I spend amazing time with my kiddos and keep my business moving forward?

It may feel like it has to be one or the other - and often we choose the kiddos and our business suffers.  

It's time to create a new vision of success for summer. Here are 5 steps to keeping things moving forward and having the best summer ever!  


1.  Get Really Clear On What You Want.  

What are the big objectives you want to accomplish over the next 3 months? How will you know when you have them, what will it be like?  When you know exactly what is important to you to create or accomplish, then you can create the plan to make it happen.

2.  Be Creative With Time. 

Perhaps you work early in the morning before the kids are up, or you have a sitter come for a few hours a few times a week, or maybe there are specific weeks the kids go to a camp or have play-dates with friends. 

Look at what you want to accomplish and schedule a recurring time into your calendar that is your dedicated work time.  Even if it just a short amount, start there and plan for your kids to have something during that time.  

I like to get things done in the morning before my kids get up, so we can have a lot of time to play carefree through the day.  And then there will be a couple weeks where my kids have more structured activities, where I will have more dedicated working time more regularly throughout the week.  

3.  Be Mindful & Focused.

When it's time with the kids, no work.  When it's time to work, focus just on one task at a time.  Create a solid container for you to stay focused on on track only during the times you have chosen.  

4.  Make A Clear Request 

When you know what you want to accomplish, tell someone.  Tell your partner, your friend, your family, your kids.  Let them know what is important to you and why.  And ask for help and support to create this.  When you make a clear request of what you would like to happen, it will be so much easier for that to be honored by you and the ones who spend your time with.  

5.  Receive

Don't forget about yourself during this time.  It's so important that you still have time to care for yourself in some way regularly each day.  If you are not filling your tank each day, you will not have as much left to give.  And we know what that looks like - cranky, distracted, tired - no fun!  Give yourself a bath, or a walk, or a good talk with a friend, date night with your hubby, whatever fills you up.  And let yourself receive all the goodness that comes from that - and every moment you choose.  

I am all about getting creative to move my big dreams forward and have an amazing time with my kids this summer.  I'm so excited about what gets to happen for all of us and when I let myself make up new rules there is so much more possibility!  

What does your summer look like? Share with us in the comments below!