5 Steps to Finding Your Truth in Marketing and Sales

I have been in marketing and sales my entire adult life - for corporate and as an entrepreneur.  And the experience of being an entrepreneur adds a new level to the marketing and sales activities.  Especially for service based entrepreneurs, the reality is that we are marketing ourselves - even if it is behind a company name - it is based on our values, our deliverables, our relationships.  

So how do you find a way to do marketing and sales for your business in a way that feels in alignment with the whole you?

I have experienced this and I see many people struggling with how to generate more clients, more leads, more sales, more income AND do it in a way that is aligned with their values.  

You may see people out there doing things and it's working for them, but those same things aren't working for you.  Why?  Because something is out of alignment.   

Everything needs to be in alignment. 



5 Steps to Finding Your Truth in Marketing and Sales

1. Pricing:  What you are pricing your services at needs to be true for you.  If what is true for you is lower than you want, then you need to do the work to create that alignment so you can ask for higher prices with integrity.  

I recently coached one of my clients around a pricing issue.  It turns out that the issue was that she didn't believe in the price of her services, it was too low.  It felt like she wasn't being compensated adequately for the energy exchange that was taking place.  

2.  Delivery:  If you are offering a 28 day program, but you don't believe you can create the result in 28 days, you are out of alignment and it will be more challenging for you to offer that program. 

3.  Niche:  I niche-hopped for a long time trying on different things, all of which I loved, but they were not all right for me.  I was able to create success, but it wasn't what I wanted to do for a long time.  But you have to have one.  It's ok to change, you need to have one so you can do the work and then evolve over time.  

4.  Beliefs:  What do you believe about creating success, creating your own business, about earning a great income, about your value and worth?  When your beliefs (known or unknown) are not in supporting you, it will show up in your actions and you will not create the results you really want. 

5.  Who You Are Being:  This is a big one.  It is connected with your beliefs, but it also about how you show up in the world, with your clients, with your work.  Who are you being when you share your message, when you work with your clients?  Do you take a stand for their greatness?  Do you hold them as powerful? 

Are you out of alignment?

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