Are you doing your work in Contraction or Expansion?


As I shared in my last post (click here to read it) I had been moving through a transition time.  I knew something was shifting, but I didn't know what.  And the truth is, a lot of things are shifting.  

So I was doing my walking meditation practice and listening to my meditation, and I realized that I was living in contraction during this time.  In that very moment, I was able to make a shift to choose expansion.  

Since that time I have been bringing more and more awareness into the different parts of my life and looking at how I am feeling in that moment?  

  • When I show up to a strategy session or sales conversation
  • When I am being with my children
  • When I am deciding what to do next in my work
  • Everywhere

I noticed that the places where I am feeling in transition are the places that where my default pattern is to move into contraction.  It just happens automatically as a way to keep me safe.  As things are shifting, it's as if I'm telling myself, "just lay low and you'll be fine".  As if I am trying to keep myself out of the line of fire.  

But I am not in any lines of fire.  Things are just changing, I'm not fighting for my life.  :)

In fact, things are all changing exactly as I wanted them to.  I am getting exactly what I wanted to create for myself.  So I don't need to stay safe, but that is my default pattern.  

Even though subconsciously I am trying to protect myself, it doesn't feel good in my body to contract.  It is actually what feels like the discomfort I wrote about last week.  

When I moved into expansion, that is when things started to feel better - in my body, in my mind, everywhere.  

I share this with you for two reasons:  1)  where are you living from a place of staying safe and, 2) what are your default patterns? 

A simple strategy to test this out for yourself:  simply ask yourself, am I in contraction or expansion?  What shifts for you when you do that?  

If you are starting to see that you have a familiar pattern that isn't really supporting you anymore, reach out, I would love to support you to create some new patterns and beliefs that will allow you (and who you really are now) to move forward in strength and confidence.  Just because something served you in the past, doesn't mean you need to hold onto it forever.  Maybe this is exactly the shift that will free you up to take that next bold step into your greatest self.  


Schedule your Business Breakthrough Session here and let's see where you are stuck and begin to shift it.  

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