3 Steps to Create Crystal Clarity Around What You Want

It's time to re-evaluate

At the beginning of the year is the big time to set intentions and goals.  But what I have been experiencing is a calling to re-evaluate.  

I had a very clear vision, picture, intention for my business and some key things I want to create in my life.  I did a lot of work around developing this clarity, so I can consistently take inspired actions to create this.  

However, as I have shared, over the last few weeks I have been moving through a transition - it was a funk, really - but I didn't get pulled down by it this time (which was worth a celebration in itself).  ;)

And, now coming out of that, I had a realization.  The things I wanted to create in my business and my life have been realized, or are well within the process.  What I was so connected to creating before is not resonating with me now, because it has become a reality.  

When I realized this, things became so clear to me.  I need to connect back with what I want next, and create the same kind of clarity around it that I had before.  

So I sat down and started to create my new picture.  What do I want to earn, to feel, to do with my family, to do for myself.  

3 steps to create crystal clarity around what you want: 

1.  Sit down to a blank piece of paper and in each area of your life, write down what it would look like if it were just 1 step better than it is now?

  2.  Next, answer the question, "what will having that do for you?".  Continue to ask that question until you get something that changes the feeling in your body, something that taps into that part of you that gives you some get-up-and-go.  

3.  Gratitude.  Write down something you are grateful for in each of the areas of your life. 

So, what do you want?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Be Inspired!