Time to Pause...


Over the last week I have had an experience that in the past would have thrown me for a loop.  I have been feeling very introspective and quiet.  I have been feeling this discontent.   

In the past this would have sent me off looking for new meanings.  Why is this happening, what does it mean, what is missing, and on and on.  

This time I am having a different experience with this.  I know that there are a lot of planetary influences taking place at this same time, which always is a gentle reminder for me that what I am feeling is not always mine.  That is such a supportive perspective.  And within that perspective I know that something is shifting for me.  I feel a calm, curiousness about what is to come - instead of a frantic panic. 

Each day I am honoring what I am needing, which has been rest, meditation, really quality foods, time with my family, and lots of time in nature.  

I could be carrying around so much guilt for giving myself this time to rest and recharge, but this time I am experiencing it with curiosity and wonder.  

This is an interesting time, and I know something is shifting for me, and I am giving myself this gift and this time, and trusting the process.  

Here is what I am doing to move through this discomfort...

1.  Experiencing my discomfort

I am being with my feelings.  This is a novel concept for me (compared to the past).  I am allowing myself this experience, trusting that it is here for a reason.  Even though I may not know what that reason is in this moment, I trust.  

2.  Honoring my process

During this time, I am giving myself what I need, whether that is rest or movement, or something in between.  I am committed to my daily practices of meditation, movement, setting intentions, and taking inspired action.  

3.  Asking the questions

Because I hold the belief that there is a reason, but am choosing to forego the experience of making it mean something in the moment, I am asking myself the questions.  Why am I stuck, what am I here to learn right now, what is my big why?  I am not forcing any answers, but simply asking the questions and allowing the information to flow to me in the right time.  

4.  Ask for and receive support

I have my community, my husband, my friends, my coaches, my mastermind group.  And I have asked for support, and allowed myself to receive it - without guilt.  I am in awe at the amazing community of brilliant, purposeful, connected individuals I can reach out to for support.  The support I have asked for has been different at different times.  Sometimes it is to be heard, sometimes to be coached through belief patterns or for clarity, sometimes it is to be of service to someone else.  

5.  Connecting with my WHY

This connection to my purpose, is what lifts me up and inspires me to take action forward.  And my commitment to myself is to stay connected and reconnect to my why.  And from that place I choose to take inspired action to turn the possibilities into my reality.

Here is my big why:    

I am here to support women to create their unique definition of success so we can all live our fully expressed unique genius, as that is where the magic happens now and for the future. 

When our children see us living, creating, celebrating, acknowledging, developing, learning, and evolving, we create the space that that is the new normal - and so it continues on and on. 

I wish for my children, and future generations, to be so confident in themselves, connected to their knowing, and their gifts, that there can be no other option than to deliver that into the world and to be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled. 

When we step into our greatness, that is holding the possibility for everyone else to take that next step on their unique path.

I would love to hear from you - what do you do when you are in the middle of a growth spurt and experiencing discomfort?  What is your why?  

Please share on the blog and in the Facebook group. 

Be Inspired!


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