What are you thinking (before your sales conversations)?

A Potential New Client

Whether you are in the early stages of your business where you don’t have many clients or many sales conversations, 


if you have been in business for awhile and you know you could enroll more people if you increased your conversion rate, each conversation is the opportunity we have worked for to invite a new client (and new revenue) into our business.   

Which is of course exciting! 


How You Show Up For That Ideal Client is Crucial

And, when we enter the conversation from this place we are coming from a perspective of SELLING. 

I want to invite you to enter this conversation from a place of SERVICE, and feel how that’s different. 

When you come into a sales conversation from a place of selling your product or service you are thinking things like: 

  • “I wonder if this person will buy?”
  • “I wonder if this person has the money to invest?"
  • “I wonder what I should offer them?”

When you come into a sales conversation from a place of service, you are thinking things like: 

  • “I am excited to learn more about this person.”
  • “I am curious what they are experiencing right now, and what they want to be experiencing.” 
  • “I wonder why this is important to them right now?”

Do You Choose Selling OR Service

I invite you to come into the conversation from a place of curiosity and wonder, with the intention of truly understanding what’s going on for this person right now, and as you move through the conversation and you are seeing how you could help them create what they want, and YOU are excited to work with them, THEN you can explore if they are a good fit for your work. 
When you come into the conversation from this place, you are showing up in SERVICE.  

And when you do that, you will be able to better support that individual, and yourself.  

You will be honoring your work and yourself in a way that will leave you enrolling your ideal clients, and doing work you love with people who light you up.  

Be Inspired!

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