Are You Hiding Behind Fear?

Are you playing small?

Do you know there is more that you can bring to the world? 

One theme I am seeing a lot when I am speaking with amazing, conscious, women entrepreneurs who are here to do big things in the world, is they are developing their business model and business strategies around their fear.  

  • Fear of being seen
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of being misrepresented
  • Fear of being misunderstood
  • Fear of ...

We can be so creative!  We can come up with all kinds of ways to keep ourselves from living in our greatness.  I see this for myself when I am" too busy", too busy doing all the tasks I "need" to do to keep up with the business, the family, the world. But when I am really standing in my knowing and willing to own my greatness, the desire to put my work out in the world can't be stopped.  So I naturally choose to do different activities, to do the activities that support my greatness - instead of creatively finding the ways to stay small and safe.  (This didn't just happen, by the way, there was lots of support and personal growth involved!)

One big fear I hear from people all the time is that they don't want to be (or to have people think they are) pushy, or salesy.  This is so interesting to me.  

This shows up in the sales conversation, but also everywhere else someone is putting themselves, their work, or their message out in the world.  

The concept I hold is that whatever thoughts others have about you, is actually about them, it is not about you.  

The other part of that of course, is what you believe about you is about you, not about them.  :)

So if you look at this desire to NOT be pushy or salesy - under that is likely a belief that they ARE BEING salesy or pushy.  The root of this is a disconnect between your actions and your knowing.  When you know that you are being in the highest service to the person you are speaking to, the possibility of feeling salesy or pushy - or being perceived as salesy or pushy - is not possible. 

Here are 3 ways to know if you are building your business around fear?

  • Doing talks without offers or invitations to take it further
  • Creating sales pages as a way of avoiding the sales conversation 
  • Avoiding sharing your work with people in networking or daily conversations as a way of staying safe

The disconnect is between what we are thinking and what we are knowing - being in your head versus being in your whole self.   

Here is a great practice that can support you in aligning yourself between this disconnect.  

Do you choose FEAR or do you choose TRUST? 

When you find yourself in your head, feeling fear, worry, stress, simply ask yourself this question, do you choose FEAR or do you choose TRUST?

From this place of TRUST, with this perspective you can then take a look at what business activities you are choosing to do, as a way of NOT having to do something else. 

When you move back into your TRUST, what inspired action is worth taking to support your business?  

I would love to hear from you!  Share your fears and your inspired actions in the comments below. 

Be Inspired! 


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