Are You Afraid to be SEEN? 3 Steps to Living Out Loud

You know those times when you feel like playing small?  (Maybe it is more often than not).  Perhaps you don't feel like making that phone call, or attending a networking event.  That part of you that wants to stay small and safe is there for a good reason, it is protecting you from something. 

I'm curious, are you willing to play with me a bit and explore this?  Great!  Let's take a look... 

If you were the bravest version of you, what would you do in your business, your conversations, in your life? 

When you bring that awareness inside you and momentarily let go of any awareness of the outside world, what is possible? 

Letting go of everyone else's expectations, beliefs, needs, and wants. What does this bravest version of you do differently, think differently, see differently? 

What is different now?  What do you feel now? 

Ok, now checking in with yourself. Are you hiding? Are you keeping that bright light dim so it doesn't over power those around you?  What are the ways you are playing small in your business, in your conversations, in your life?  How is it keeping you safe to not be living that bravest version of yourself? 

3 Steps to Living Out Loud  

1. What is your WHY? 

Why do you do what you do?  What will having that do for you?  What is the big reason that gets you motivated and excited to do this work?  When you connect with that, and move from that space of empowered action, you will see different results. 

2. Play!

Are you having fun?  Do you play?  This can be with your words, with your body, with your kids, with your friends?  Are you giving yourself time to play and to connect with all of you - instead of just living in your head.  Your head is where the thinking, rational thoughts live.  The WHOLE of you gets to take in the part of your head, along with the knowing of the rest of your body.  

What can you do that is playful today?

3. Find your voice, speak your truth

What do you stand for?  What are you against?  If you were to shout from the rooftops, what would you say?  When you find that part of you that is connected with your why, and your truth, that is where you can connect to for the strength and courage to take those next bold actions that might feel a bit scary.  Step into that version of you, what does she want, what is true for her? 

Shout it from the rooftops! 

How does this pertain to your sales conversations? 

When you are fully expressed in your truth, you can live authentically, do business authentically, and then have powerful sales conversations authentically.

Being an entrepreneur has been one of the best personal development experiences in my life.  And I have have absolutely seen where living in my truth, and speaking from that knowing - as opposed to the thoughts and fears that run through the mind have been, and continue to be a powerful shift in perspective. 

When you know the edge of your truth, your boldness, your bravest version of yourself, you can tap into that and show up from that place in your sales conversations.  This allows you to see clearly the person in front of you, without any of your stuff placed upon them.  You can access that part of you that can use the techniques, and tools you may have to handle their objections, and support them through their fears and into their truth.

Here's to Living Life OUT LOUD!