Authentic Sales??

I know that people have discomfort around sales.  I get it.  

In order to be authentic in sales, you have to BE AUTHENTIC.  [Period]

 So, when you are authentic - defined as real or genuine, not copied or false - and you learn to have a powerful sales conversation from that place, you will have an authentic sales conversation.  

Here are 3 important parts to having an authentic sales conversation that converts: 

1. How you show up to the conversation

2. The specific tools or techniques you have available within you, and 

3. Your mindset - what you are believing about yourself, the world, and the sales conversation

So what does it mean to be authentic - beyond the definition?  This is your stance, this is how you show up, this is the energy behind your words.  If you were to envision your posture, and the feelings you experience when you are being authentic, what does that feel like for you?  

Can you show up to your sales conversation from that place?

What keeps people from being authentic in their sales conversations is the stuff that goes on inside your head - will they think I'm pushy, will I really be able to help them, can I really charge that amount for my work.  And endless others.  Instead of being inside your head, connect to your truth, to your inner wisdom.  

Try this out...

I invite you to connect to your truth.  One way to get started is to identify your WHY.  What is your WHY and why is that important?  Keep asking yourself "and why is THAT important" for a few times, until you get to something solid.  You will know it when you say it out loud and it fires you up, lightens you up, and you feel aligned. 

When you know who you are, what you do in the world makes a difference, and that you are serving people in your highest service - that is authentic.  

Then you learn the tools and techniques that work to serve you in delivering your truth and your work in the world. 

Please share in the comments below:  

What do you do and why is that important for you?