Fear, doubt, and dragons...

There is singing in the background and it's got me thinking...

In the fall there is a celebration at our school where we get ready to move into the darkness of this part of the year.  My children go to a Waldorf school and every year we move through this path together with the same rhythm, but this year something was different.  My kids took this one song that goes with the celebration and kept singing it, for months now.  The more I hear it the more it is settling in me in a different way - as songs for Waldorf school celebrations tend to do... ;)

The phrase I hear repeated by all my children over and over in their song is this...

"I conquer within me fear and doubt..." and then the song continues about the character, casting the dragon out.  

But this is the phrase that is settling in me.  And as I listened to them singing it on the way home from another school gathering tonight where we were making candles, dipping the wicks in wax in a meditative type social gathering, my kids were talking about how the candles are here to support us as we move through the darkness.  It was really beautiful - and no it's not always this profound, but this was so beautiful. 

As I was tucking them in for bed the phrase continued to sing in my mind.  And I thought how you might all like to take that into your experience. 

"I conquer within me fear and doubt..."  

How beautiful!  What would it feel like for you to conquer within your fear and doubt?  What might you create if you conquered the darkness within?  What might you experience, how might you experience the things you are already doing differently?  

How might you show up differently in your business - in your sales conversations, in your marketing, in your presence?

This idea of overcoming the fear and doubt speaks to how powerful we are in our choices and in our beliefs.  When you take a stand for you, for your business, for your client, you show up different.  New things are possible that weren't before.  

You get to choose to overcome the darkness within you so you can create what you want. 

I am excited to share more with you next week about how this connects to the sales conversation and handling the money objection (and to share with you something special just for you).  Perhaps you can start to see how this all ties together.  And in the meantime, I invite you to try on this experience of conquering within you fear and doubt.  

What opens up for you, what is possible? 

Be Inspired! Take Action.