Celebrating 50 Episodes!

This week we are celebrating the 50th episode of The Inspired Woman Project!

This podcast series has been such an exciting and amazing experience!  I am so grateful to connect with these women who inspire us to create our own definition of success.

This all started with a desire to bring the big vision of my business out into the world in a way of service.  I wanted every woman to know that she could create exactly what she wants, separate from other people's expectations, judgments, and experiences. 

When we each connect with that part of us and take actions in that direction, we are an incredible model for our children, to be true to who they are. Imagine them living  in their greatness now, every day.  instead of waiting until they are ready to release everyone's expectations and beliefs.  It feels so powerful and inspiring.  

With every interview I see more and more how beautiful it is to follow our own unique path,  finding our purpose.  And how passionate I feel about supporting women to discover, live, and express their greatness and to leverage business and sales to bring it into reality.  

Every interview has a different story to tell and yet all of the stories are the same.  It is a peeling back of the layers, a discovery, a commitment to truth, and an unwillingness to settle.  

The path to this discovery looks different for each person, yet when we discover our truth, our soul purpose, and who we are at soul level, things begin to click into place.  

I would love to hear from you what episodes resonate most with you, which story inspired you to take a new action, which story is your story, which story gave you a new perspective?  

This week I am full of gratitude for each woman who has been willing to share her vulnerability and her story of discovery and truth.  

I am grateful for everyone who listened to an episode, who shared their feedback, and who shared this with other amazing women!

I am grateful that this is what I get to do for my work.  And I'm grateful that this week I will be knee deep in creating magical experiences with my kiddos.  

I'm sending each of you love and blessings for a beautiful, fulfilling holiday experience! Enjoy!

Be Inspired!  Take Action.