When things don't go as planned...

Sometimes things just don't go as planned.  As a woman with a business that I love that asks for my attention and presence, and as a mom with three kiddos that also ask for my attention and presence, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Today was one of those days when the long list of things I wanted to complete or bring attention to, were *lovingly* asked to take a backseat.  My little guy was home not feeling so great.  After a big weekend of fun and play, this was his time to bring it back down, recuperate, and heal his body.  So that meant a change of plans for me.  

Thankfully I was able to shift some things around and easily enough create this space today.  And sometimes things don't run as smoothly.  

  • Sometimes you aren't bringing in the clients you really want to be working with - or none are flowing in at all.
  • Sometimes you aren't feeling the love for your business, or maybe you are in another deep personal transformation.
  • Sometimes you need more rest than your logical brain can justify or understand.
  • Sometimes you need to change directions completely.
  • Sometimes...

Here are 3 things I see come up for people as they move through those moments that don't go as planned.

1  Ask yourself what you would like to be experiencing instead?

When things come up, it is for a reason.  It doesn't have to be a big reason, it can be something small and simple.  But it is there to be looked at, to be acknowledged.  It is an indicator that something is out of balance or alignment and this is your opportunity to bring it back.  The best way to create that clarity is to stop focusing on what you don't want and to bring yourself back to what you really do want to be experiencing instead.  (And sometimes we have to go down the hole of what we DON"T want to create that clarity of what we DO want.)

2.  To make meaning or NOT to make meaning - that is the question...

The next place that comes up is what does this all mean?  Am I going down the wrong path?  Is this a sign?  Is it really bigger than I can see?  

There are definitely times for those types of big questions where you are looking for the real meaning behind the experience.  But in all reality, that is needed much less often than we tend to actually do.  

There is a time to be aware and see the bigger meaning.  And sometimes, it's just what it is.  It's just there because something needs to shift, but it doesn't have to be a big huge thing calling for you.  Often we need to step back, reflect, and invite the answer to appear before us.  

The more we go seeking the big meaning of it all, the more we are in our head - overthinking.  Not too many great things come from overthinking (in my opinion).  

So sometimes, it's just a thing.  Step back, reflect, and invite the information (if there is any) to appear. 

3.  When it's time to SURRENDER...

Along those lines, it may just be time to let it all go so it can come back together again in a new way.  This doesn't mean you have to let go of your business, or a project, but it can be letting go of the thinking, the thoughts, the self-critique, the over-analysis.  Allow yourself to surrender.  It is easier said than done.  But often just letting yourself create the possibility of surrender allows you to move into that space more easily.  It may be time to shift your attention to self-care, to a different project for the moment, to move your body and your energy, literally shake things up and let it all go.  

Then you will be able to come back to it with new insights, new actions, and new clarity.