What Is Wrong With Me?

"Maybe I'm the one this won't work for."  

"Maybe my business isn't right or good enough."  

"Maybe I'm living in my own diluted reality where this big dream is possible."  

I Know What To Do But Don't Do It!

You KNOW what to do, but you can't seem to do it.  Maybe it's not the right action, maybe the way you are doing it isn't right for your business or you, maybe there are belief patterns or energies keeping you back, keeping you safe.  It feels frustrating, like there is something wrong with you or your business.  

What I know to be true is that if you are committed to creating your big vision, and you are committed to doing the work, then it is possible.  But you have to have all the pieces in place.  You need to be in alignment - the big vision, the beliefs, the energy, the actions.  When you're in alignment things seem to move forward quickly and with energy that almost feels like it is pulling you forward.  There are still challenges, there is still discomfort, but you know there is a bigger reason for it, it is part of the layers that get to be peeled back to bring you to the next step on your path.  

There is just no reason that old beliefs, old energy, or activities that are not in alignment with you and your business have to keep you from creating the big impact you are here to create. 

Our brain is a tricky partner.  It is here to ensure our love, safety, and belonging.  To the lower part of our brain (the fight, flight, or freeze) we need to be kept safe.  And if we do something and we survive, then it is safe - so we do it again.  

What does this mean for you? 

What are you doing in your business that you know you could be doing differently - but can't seem to create the change?  Perhaps you want to be more organized, or you want to put yourself out there and stop playing small, or you want to enroll more clients, BUT... each of these could put your brain into a place of trying to protect you.  If what you want is different than what you have (which, um, HELLO!) there will be parts of you that will "self-sabotage" to keep you safe.  

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

This is the way our brains work.  That's it.  No reason to beat yourself up or start the story machine - making up reasons why you're not good enough, don't know enough...

This is where many people get stuck.  The cycle begins of wanting to take action, not taking action, beating yourself up - REPEAT.  No More! 

You can upgrade your belief patterns, you can be different without having to remember to be different.  You can release the old energy that is holding you back.  You can create alignment that pulls you forward into the next greatest version of yourself.   But - you need all of the pieces - alignment in your strategies, beliefs, energy, and actions - and you have to be willing to do things DIFFERENT.  

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