Why You'll NEVER Be Done With Working On Your Niche...

Do you have that feeling that when you just finally figure out your niche, then you'll be done with that exercise and you can move on to DOING the work you really want to do instead of planning for the work you want to do? 

I hear this often:  "When I figure out my niche, then I can... [fill in the blank - "start my business", "take the next important action", "talk to people"...]

Then I will:

  • Interview my ideal clients

  • Invite them to conversations

  • Develop my programs

  • Write copy for my website

  • Build my email list

  • And 1 MILLION other things that can come on the TO DO list AFTER I figure out my niche.

I offer this to you: You will never be done.  Yep, never.  

And that's ok.  

If you are in the service business as an expert, coach, consultant, healer, or therapist, your work is really a reflection of you.  Your business is a reflection of you.  As you continue to evolve and grow,  your business will also continue to evolve and grow.  

So you will never be DONE.  

It's not about being done or perfect, it's only about being complete in this moment.  You can put it out there, test it out, start doing the work.  Only then will you know if it's working, if it's the right reflection of your work, and the right words to engage the dream clients you want to work with.  

When we release the need to be done, and we can see that this is an ongoing process, that is where the freedom can come in.  That is where we free ourselves to try stuff out, make some mistakes, keep tweaking, keep evolving.  

There is no need to wait.  Stop waiting!

Start putting your work out there.  Whether it's the first time you are putting your work out there, or you're ready to take things to the next level by revealing a whole new level of truth in your work, put it out there.  Being in conversation is the best way to see and hear how it's landing and if it's attracting the type of people you really want to work with.  

Whether you are starting out, or moving to the next level of your business, or introducing a new product or service, you'll always start with WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU SERVE (your niche).  This is the foundation for all great products and services. 

This will never stop.  

Plan to continue to revisit your niche over and over again throughout your business.  Perhaps with this knowing you can move past the perfection freeze and back into action.  Ready?  Go!