Please Stop Doing This NOW!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all things on your to do list?  Knowing that there is a never ending list of things you can be doing to support, build, and grow your business.  This can feel overwhelming and it can actually move you into NOT doing anything.  

 I see what happens.  You know there are all kinds of things to do.  

  • Classes to learn new things
  • Social media posts to make and engage on (multiplied by all the social media avenues)
  • Blog posts to write
  • Systems to implement
  • New technology to investigate and install
  • Create or update your website
  • And on and on and on

Here is the truth - take it or leave it.  If you want to grow your business and create something sustainable, this is the truth.  

 You have to be ruthless with the activities you choose to do with your time.  Your time is precious.  It is the one non-replenish able resource we all have.  

 So the actions you choose to take in your business need to be aligned with the results you are looking to create.  

 What To Do & What NOT To Do At Each Stage of Business

 If you are in the "Make It Work" stage, in the early stages of your business, wanting to prove to yourself that you can create a business that works, you need to focus on revenue generating activities - and not do the other things that can be more distractions. Even if it seems these are critical to your business, I invite you to really use a critical eye when looking at your list of to do's.  Are the actives you are doing generating income?

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Work" stage:  creating and updating your website, creating a business Facebook page and updating it, taking gazillions of automated classes to learn everything. 

 If you are in the "Make It Consistent" stage, you still want to use the critical eye to focus on the revenue generating activities.  And, at this stage you can begin to leverage your team to take care of other tasks for you.  

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Consistent" stage:  manually scheduling client appointments, setting up and sending your email to your list, designing and making updates to your website, bookkeeping, taxes.  

 If you are in the "Make It Grow" stage, there is even more of your current responsibilities you can hand over to your team. You can then invest more of your time and resources in being a great leader for your team and in the world.  In this stage of your business you can even begin to train your team to take on some of the revenue generating activities, while you shift your focus to the higher leveraged revenue generating activities. 

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Grow" stage: handling low ticket sales conversations and offers, answering client support questions and answers, scheduling client or prospect meetings, setting up auto responders and other technical systems, updating blog posts and other content, updating all social media content. 

 What Does Your "BUSYNESS" really mean?

 At every stage of your business, I invite you to look at what your "busyness" is really keeping you from doing.  How is it keeping you safe?  How is the belief or story that you are too busy keeping you from doing the big work you are meant to do?  

 Often we can be very attached to the items on our to do list, believing that we have to do specific tasks, that we couldn't possibly hand over to a team member.  Sometimes it takes an outside view to get perspective.  

 If you would like support to get clear on what actions you can stop doing, I invite you to request a conversation to receive support during a Business Breakthrough session with me. Click Here to sign up.