What is your Super Power?

Let's ask it like this instead, what are your super powers?  I really believe that we have more than one.  

There are actually a few questions within that:

  • What is it? 
  • Are you willing to own your power?
  • Do you let yourself use it to your advantage, or are you still hiding it away? 

Here's what I am seeing in the extraordinary women entrepreneurs I am speaking with each day.  We are each AMAZING.  That is a fact.  AND we are not seeing how amazing we are, or how that shows up in our business. 

(And when we do see it, that's when the magic happens.)

The reality of it is that some of us feel we have a gift to bring to the world in a big way with a big impact.  Others have their gifts to bring to the world in ways that hit closer to home.  And for others it's both.  

In order for the impact to be created, we have to know our greatness, how that shows up in our work or impact in the world, and we have to own it and stand fully in that truth.  

Here's what's happening instead...

Perhaps you are following an intellectualized process, creating in your head, following a system and it isn't working, nothing is happening, or you feel like you are working so hard for an inconsistent result.   

Perhaps you created an amazing program or offering, and then no one bought it.

Perhaps you are stuck in the grandness of your vision, and feel stuck with what to do next.

Do you really know what your greatness is?  

I am seeing in myself that there is a new depth and richness to my superpowers.  I am owing them in a new way, and feeling very confident about them.  I have been doing a lot of business consultations lately, and we have done amazing work to get clarity around what the big vision is and where they are feeling stuck.  Then we do the work to create clarity.  

What I am seeing in myself is something I knew was there, but now with this new deeper knowing and confidence that I create magic with people in their business.  That's quite a statement to make, and one I could shy away from.  But I won't.  <wink>

I see things in people that they don't see, I see their greatness.  I hear between the lines.  I see how the dots connect.  I see how all of the parts of them show up in their work.  I see how your "story" is hiding some of your magic from coming out to play.  

It's a combination of seeing, hearing, and a deep knowing that brings us to this clarity.

What I know about myself is that I have intuitive super powers - I'm not sure what to call them exactly just yet.  And I combine that with business and coaching.  And now I am not afraid of that, I am owning it, and whoa - the magic that happens in that space is profound.  

Stand proudly in what you know to be true...

I say all of this to stand proudly in what I know now to be true.  And more importantly to reflect the process of revealing the gifts, the greatness, and the magic.  We each have it.  Do you see yours?  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.