It Isn't Meant To Be...


More and more people are waking up to the active role they play in creating their life.  It is an amazing place to be, and to recognize that being the creator in your life has a responsibility and it is so much better than being a victim.  


There is a place where we can give our individual power away to the universal power - trusting that things are meant to be.  If you have been reading my posts, you know I am all for surrender and trust and believing that there is a lot of magic that happens when we are in flow, but here's what I'm witnessing...

People are turning to their intuition as the guide, without having done the work to know they can trust their intuition unconditionally.  Their surrender is like a way of giving up, as opposed to a releasing and trusting.  People are covering their fear with a blanket of intuition.  And that just doesn't work.  

Our intuition is only as good as our willingness to look at both sides.  

Are you certain you are acting in flow and alignment, or is that fear that is driving that decision - and you are covering it up with "maybe it's meant to be that I don't work with that person", or get booked for that talk, or, or, or.

There is a fine line between using your intuition to move forward and using it to hide the fear.  Your intuition is going to help you stay connected and committed to what is true for you and what you really want.  As my amazing mentor shared with me, it isn't going to keep you playing small or hiding.  

There is a fine line between trusting and giving up.

There is a fine line between being in flow and taking consistent action that flows.  

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?  Are you willing to check in with yourself and know when it isn't meant to be?  Are you willing to see your dark AND your light?  Are you willing to see where you are hiding or giving up instead of letting your personal power shine so bright you get exactly what you want and even more?  

When you own your stuff, all of it, the good, the bad, the powerful, the uncomfortable, that is where the growth is.  That is where we can truly trust and surrender, because that is where the work is.  

Before you accept that something is "meant to be", check in with what is really true for you in that moment.  What do you really want?  Are you being triggered?  There is a lesson in the trigger, and a reflection in the mirror.  

Sending you love, inspiration, and action!


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