Do you NEED New Clients?

As an entrepreneur, new clients are the lifeline of our business. It is a constant cycle, a flow of new energy that generates revenue -  as  well as a level of confidence, a knowing, and an opportunity to deliver our gifts into the world.

And when we are in a place of NEEDing new clients, that can be an interesting catch.  Of course needing new clients to keep the business going is a common experience many business owners experience - especially in the earlier stages.  However, there is a different energy that comes about when we are needing new clients.  

When we have a conversation with a potential client, there is something different about the way we show up when we are in that slight - to increasingly intense - energy of needing clients.  There is a desperation that appears, it is really a client repellent!

I remember when I was working in my corporate job and just getting started growing my business, I was super stressed, working a full-time job AND building my new business.  I so wanted to be home with my kiddos more, so I was working my you-know-what off to "make it happen".  And the result... Nada, Nothing, Zip.  I was literally repelling clients.  That was not an easy place to shift from as I was physically experiencing big stress - and it was showing up everywhere.  

Here is what I know to be true now.  We have the ability to experience what we want to experience.  If we want to be desperately needing clients that is different than holding a strong belief that clients are needing and wanting my services and ready to show up whenever I choose.  

Yes, this may be a slight shift, but small hinges swing big doors.  So the next time you are about to speak with a potential client, remember to connect to your purpose, your WHY, and to be in the highest service of that person.  

I invite you to say, "I invite the right clients into my business with ease and grace, as they are ready and wanting the services I provide".  Go ahead, try it out now.  What is different for you now?  

Moving from client repelling to client attracting now and forever!  

Sending love!