How You Do One Thing, is How You Do Everything

How You Do One Thing, is How You Do Everything

How does that sit for you?  

Here's what's up for me.  In my time in the corporate world with a young family, balancing my high expectations of myself at work and at home, I found myself over booking myself and never feeling like I was doing enough.

Here is what that looked like for me, maybe you can relate...


Then we would go to school, try to slow down to be present and be connected with them while maneuvering traffic.

After drop off, I would get to work, already feeling late and behind, often on a call that started while I was at drop off.

This would then continue all day with back to back calls (no lunch, but some snacks from my desk drawer), until I would leave work at the end of the day with tons to do and trying to get home before traffic was too bad.

Then we would get dinner, get ready for bead and usually fall asleep while we were tucking in for bed.  Whew!  When I would wake up later, I would relax deeply, lay down in my bed and eat something sweet to pamper myself and make myself feel better after the day.

How I was doing one thing, was how I was doing everything - in a hurry and over-scheduled (and without enough fun).

Where do you notice a pattern in how you are showing up in your work that is also showing up at home?


AND, the best thing of all is that I felt more connected to my children, and more easily tuned into their feelings and needs.  Sometimes I didn't get as much "stuff" done, but I felt much MORE productive.

So, my priority has been enjoying every moment and receiving much more joy throughout each day.  

Often, just the inquiry and awareness alone can begin to create meaningful changes.  I would love to hear about what you are seeing in your life - what is something you are doing that you now can see is showing up in all areas of your life?  Your work, parenting, relationships, friendships, how you treat yourself and your body?

Sending love to you,