Learning from something that has no words...


We are walking around on this planet, this earth, this land
Instead of communing with it

We are experiencing the surface of it
Instead of the depth of it

We are sitting in our bubble of our own forgetting
Instead of merging into the depth of all that is and ever was


Is it easier? 
Is it better? 
Is it what we are meant to experience?

Or are we keeping ourselves separate?
Trying to stay safe, trying to stay an individual, trying to know some things

When we connect deeply with the land we realize that we actually don’t know anything
There is nothing to know
And nothing that hasn’t already been known

And yet, when we stay separate, we nourish and feed the part of us that desires to have it’s own experience, to discover something, to know something - in our minds.

And we are disconnecting ourselves from the part of us that KNOWS things in the very being of our selves.

The part of us that knows the things that are already known.

The part of us that releases the need to be an individual
And merges with that that already is and always was bigger than it could ever be as an individual

What is available in the depths of the land? 
What is the wisdom that is present? 
What is available for us as an individual when we commune with the land
When we remember.

Societies are challenged
Rules are questioned
Values are re-evaluated

And the answers are all there.

Can we allow ourselves to be present with that

Can we allow ourselves to be so humble to learn from something that has no words.

Can we allow ourselves to quiet our mind and soften our importance so we can be the student of the teacher that is embodied within us and beneath us and all around us?

Here. Here we merge with the land. Here we merge with the remembering of all that has come before us and all that comes after us.

Here we hear the stories of our imagination

Here we feel the feelings that have been felt - and those that have been simply released, ignored, and left

Here we bow to the knowing of the unknowing

Here we bow to humility and depth in a way that no one can market or sell

Here we connect to the truth, to the depth of an experience, that is present here and always, if only we choose to release our commitment to forgetting - and instead choose to commit to remember.

Fear of Connecting to Self....


Our society is built to support this lack of connection
To keep us out of ourselves - everywhere
Even as I sit here and write this, there is music blaring at a restuarant
Setting the mood
But keeping real connection from taking place
There is a cost to real connection
The cost of us knowing what we really want
What we really need
What is really true
And when we do show up for ourselves... 
find the way to connect
to deepen in
We don’t fall for the bullshit
We don’t buy stuff just because
We don’t buy as much stuff
We just don’t really need it
Or want it
And we can see and feel deeper than that.

Allowing yourself to acclimate to SPEED...

Allow yourself to acclimate to SPEED... (1).jpg

Allowing yourself to acclimate to SPEED...

What is keeping you stuck in your current reality - instead of experiencing all that you know you are here to experience?

SPEED is one of the factors that is keeping you stuck, still.

Sounds opposite, but let’s look.

When you feel into the current experience, you may notice there are some pieces that are holding you in place, maybe holding you still.

If we look more closely, they may even be keeping you in place - while having the feeling or the experience of moving, or even spinning.

Moving and yet not going anywhere.

These pieces that are keeping you still are trying to keep you safe.

But from what?

If we look even more closely at the version that you know and hold for yourself, that version sits back and experiences life with speed.

There is a certainty and a knowing that all of the things that are coming so quickly to you are perfect and you are ready to receive them.

But all of that in a split second, there is no thinking this, there is no analyzing.

The reality is that in this version there is no need for that, because all that comes to you with speed is for you. Now.

So what is the difference between these two?

One is comfortable with speed - it’s not even a thing. It just is.

The other is making SPEED mean it is out of control and experiencing chaos.

This version slows speed down because it is super uncomfortable not being in control and KNOWING - intellectually - all of the things all of the time.

So it slows things down.

To this version SPEED = Chaos

So this version of you chooses to stay in control, to slow things down, and to keep you safe.

But really when we look at both of these versions, the thing you are keeping yourself safe from - is really yourself.

There is a distrust of yourself - or even of life - that keeps you from KNOWing in your bones that everything that is coming to you is perfect, now.

So let’s let the version of you that knows how to BE with SPEED inform the version of you that equates speed with chaos - or being out of control.

Be with the discomfort as your system upgrades and re-acclimates itself to its natural state.

Stay with it all the way.

What you are releasing here is not control, you are releasing the distrust of receiving exactly what you desire with speed, now.

*If you would like to take a look at the way your system is working with SPEED, send me a PM and let's see...

Do you choose to end the disconnection?

Sunset chaser.jpg

When you have done too much
Taken care of everything
Literally everything
Because you think you have to
Because you know no one else will
Doesn’t matter
You did it all
And then, you are done. 

And in this state of DONE’ness, you become unavailable for anything else.
You can’t do anymore
And you can’t receive anymore. 
So there, capacity full.
Maxed out.
What about the RECEIVING?

What about what gets to return to you,
Not just because of what you have done
But because that is a natural cycle in the world - the give and the receive

But when you are maxed out there is literally no room for anything else. 
So you continue this cycle
Until you snap.
In whatever way that looks like for you in that moment. 
It could be exhaustion
Leaving The thing is that all of this is taking place in a state of disconnection.
Disconnected from yourself
Disconnected from support
Disconnected from source
Disconnected from Truth

And in the space of disconnection there is no mechanism to replenish your supply
You are tapped out.
Unless you reconnect.
But HOW?

Do you choose to end the disconnection?
Probably not, maybe digging in the heels a bit
Maybe pushing yourself away from yourself just to complete all the angles

And when you tire of that just enough to surrender just a tiny bit
Because you just can’t even -
Then you take a peek.
What are you truly disconnected from?
Will you allow connectIon?
Just a drop?

And in this place of exhausted surrender
You realize
That maybe this game of ‘I've done it all’, ‘I cant’ do anymore’, ‘I have to do everything’
Is not actually the game you want to be playing
Maybe this is actually the game that is keeping you from dropping into the next level
of your greatness

Maybe this is the thing that is keeping you safe
from yourself
Because, let’s be real, that power that you hold
is no joke. 
If you were to be connected to THAT...
What might actually happen then? 
You might get what you want
You might receive support - in known and unknown ways
You might stand in the comfort of your greatness
While standing in the discomfort of your comfort
And the comfort of your discomfort
You might actually get what you want.
And then who would you be?
Someone who gets what they want! 
Nothing to fix there.
Nothing to tend to.
Nothing to talk about.
It might just free up a whole bunch of time. 
For you
To be you
In all your greatness

It might just be time to get used to THAT.

Fall FREE into uncertainty.⠀

It's Time to land..jpg

It’s time to LAND. ⠀

Land in your body. ⠀
Land in your voice. ⠀
Land in your commitment.⠀

But not from the old way of pushing and making it happen. Yes, you can pull that old trick out at anytime.⠀

Now it’s time for the new way. ⠀
And this way feels less certain. ⠀

Because, well, there is no certainty here at all.⠀
Except for the Truth.⠀

And in that there is peace, and stillness, and a deeper knowing.⠀

So the terrifying free fall into the unknown can be met by surrender.⠀

What is needed to resource that?⠀
A deep trust.⠀

Do the "scary" thing that you are guided to do.⠀

Tell the story. ⠀
Write the words. ⠀
Speak your truth.⠀

Fall FREE into uncertainty.⠀

When we stop trying, our True Essence can SHINE...

When we stop TRYINGOur true essence can shine (1).jpg


When we stop TRYING⠀
Our true essence can shine⠀

Sure, when we have been conditioned to TRY, to strive, to be more than we are…⠀

(which is really just code for not good enough)⠀

We will go through an initial phase of disintegration.⠀
It almost has to happen.⠀

Like working your butt off for days, months, or years⠀
And then going on a vacation and doing NOTHING⠀

Until you get to the point where doing nothing isn’t that fulfilling anymore.⠀
Or maybe it is even more fulfilling than you ever could have imagined!⠀

Either way, the stopping of the TRYING is the thing that is allowing the system to come back into neutral.⠀

Allowing the pendulum that has been permanently, un-naturally attached to one side, to finally sway back and forth and back and forth, wondering what is neutral⠀

Our essence, our Truth, the Truth of who we are, ⠀
Isn’t found in TRYING.⠀

It isn’t found in being ‘more than we are’.⠀

It is found in being exactly the amount of goodness, no – Greatness – that is formed into our BEING naturally. NATURALLY!⠀

Of course the stopping of the TRYING seems insane, seems so hard to do, seems de-illusional.⠀

And yes that is true to the human form only until it stops. ⠀

Only until it remembers it’s greatness. ⠀

Only until it remembers BEING without STRIVING.⠀

And NO, it’s not that there will never be another desire to learn something ⠀
Or to do something⠀
Or to evolve⠀

But those things will be coming from the NATURAL force within that is moving our evolution forward.⠀

It will not come from outside of ourselves as a way of never being good enough.⠀

Because it’s true. We are not good enough.⠀

What is TRUE, is that we are Great! ⠀

And it’s damn time we each remember that.⠀

Stop TRYING. Even stop DOING.

Just Stop EVERYthing. For a moment. Or longer. Until you find a new way of BEING. One that is so much more joy-filled, so much more fulfilling, so much more surrendered to the goodness in every drop.⠀

Even without anyone ever telling us it is so. ⠀

Because we found it from Truth. ⠀
Because it is so. ⠀
Because it is Truth.⠀

And Truth cannot be denied.⠀

Are you ready to find your new way and you don't know what comes next... send me a PM.

BE who you are – in all the ways.


You are here to change the world.⠀

Ready to work the subtle forces, your energy, your gifts, your magic⠀

To refine, to create, to BE⠀

To BE who you are in your essence⠀

And to allow that to bring you the most magical experiences that are aligned with your Desires⠀

Yes, to growing your business – and also, not limiting the way you can experience the goodness to just your business⠀

Honoring the multi-dimensionality of who you are - which is more than work, relationships, money... it's bigger than all of that combined.⠀

You know how to “do business” and are done with the continual rabbit hole of learning more strategies – and instead are ready to discover and embrace YOUR way.⠀

A way that honors all the parts of you, ⠀
doesn’t compromise, ⠀
and aligns with your deep knowing that ⠀

This is not about DOING nothing⠀
And it’s not about DOING more⠀

It’s about softening into the Truth of WHO YOU ARE in your core, ⠀
turning up your gifts, ⠀
your purpose, ⠀
your magic, ⠀
so you can do what you do – ⠀

BE who you are – in all the ways.⠀

And experience the goodness, and the magic, of THAT!

Sourcing Certainty.⠀

Now that you have peeled the layers and removed the false confidence, can you now see the TRUTH in your greatness underneath_ (4).jpg

You have spent years, maybe decades, deconstructing your ego⠀

So much so you can see the greatness all around you –⠀

Yet the greatness inside you…⠀

Well, you know it’s there, but it’s been dismantled.⠀

It doesn’t feel so powerful or strong⠀

You knew that feeling – ⠀
back in the day – ⠀
back when you were sourcing from your ego⠀

Confidence was available, but now -⠀

Now you can see the shallowness, the overcompensating, the HIDING, the emptiness trying to be FULL.⠀

Full of yourself, but full in a way where you were borrowing confidence from ego, not from Truth.⠀

And you don’t want any part of that again...⠀

And yet – you know there’s more available than uncertainty, doubt, and endless refinement.⠀

Where is the new, truer version of confidence?⠀

What is available?⠀

Where is the depth available in your knowing?⠀

The depth that allows you to step out of HIDING your gifts, your purpose, your greatness, your MAGIC?⠀

Where is certainty?⠀

It’s there… Somewhere.⠀

So now I’m curious, can you find the TRUTH in your greatness instead of the overcompensated confidence your whole Being is repelling?⠀

Instead of throwing it all out… your gifts -and all!⠀

Since you have peeled the layers and removed the false confidence, can you now see the TRUTH in your greatness underneath?⠀

No need to fake it till you make it⠀
It’s already there.⠀

Can you source certainty from the part of you resonating this frequency of truth?⠀

Maybe it’s not in your mind yet - ⠀
or even throughout your whole BEING, ⠀
but it’s there.⠀

It’s there in that part of you that is connected to Source.⠀

Source it - ⠀
from Source - ⠀
from you – ⠀
the wholeness of you.⠀

Let it get bigger, feel it, KNOW this new way.⠀

Let it soak into your whole Being⠀
until it radiates out the TRUTH that is.⠀

Source Certainty.⠀

Are you desiring this level of CERTAINTY?⠀

Feeling deeply connected to your truth and your power so you can bring your gifts, your purpose, into the world - even if it looks different than what you’re doing now?⠀

Send me a PM.

There is more depth available.⠀

Surrender into the NOT KNOWING.

Untitled design (28).jpg

We believe we are meant to KNOW the things that we are experiencing, that are transforming within us, and the world around us.

And, the KNOWING of the things is actually creating a filter of limitation on what we are available to receive, to do, to experience.

There are subtle energetic shifts that are occurring all the time.

These things can come through your physical body, your energetic field, your mind...

And the mind feels like the last place this wisdom enters your conscious awareness.

The subtle shifts are occurring in your energetic field first to support your mind in having the breath of possibility, the attunement, and the lack of limitation that would restrict the wisdom from being received.

So while we are trying to understand everything and make sense of it all the time, we are actually keeping ourselves trapped in a state of limitation.

Are you willing to open to the possibility? 
Are you willing to experience the mystery?

Are you willing to experience the possibility that the mystery is greater than that which your mind can even comprehend?

Are you willing to experience that level of surrender?

To surrender into the NOT KNOWING.

The NOT KNOWING intellectually - and collectively.

Allow yourself the space to be in the NOT DOING. 
Allow yourself to be in the space of NOT KNOWING.

Allow yourself to receive the cosmic upgrades, attunements, and energetic shifts and support that is available to you always and in all ways.

Open to the subtlety. 
Open to the possibility. 
Open to the mystery. 
Open to limitless expansiveness. 
Open to ecstatic surrender.

There is an unfathomable level of depth available to our BEINGs, and our attachment to the knowing, to the understanding, is keeping us playing in the shallow end.

What is present here?

You know you are [meant to be] a new paradigm leader%2Findustry destroyer%2Fre-creator... (3).jpg

That darkness over your heart is here for you.

And it’s here for you now…

so you can learn from it,
have an experience with it,
see it more clearly.

What is being covered or hidden might be there to serve you or protect you

After all the energy out, this is an invitation to come back into your center, to your heart

What is present here?

This feels like the new kind of contraction – after the expansion – where you are invited back to your center.

Not to get small and hide.

But to be present.

To feel.
To listen.
To recalibrate.

To discover the next step that is available to you now.

The one you couldn’t see before, because you needed to come here in order to see it.

But it is here now for you.

Do you see it?
Do you feel it? 
Do you know it?

It’s time to breathe.


It’s time to breathe.

It’s time to let the flow of your breath be the model of the flow for your life.

In and out.

Play and rest.

This is a time for rest.

Letting your system acclimate to a new way of being.

Letting yourself discover the new way that is being upgraded in you right now.

A way that allows you to be who you are fully - with more ease and less struggle.

A way that encourages you to create - even when you are at rest.

A way that invites in change - even when none is necessary.

Today is the day to allow yourself to receive the goodness that will power your creation and your new way of being.

Will you allow that in?

Will you receive that?

Can you let the goodness happen for you even if you don’t KNOW it is there?

It is. <3

Do you see it?


It’s blasting through like a flash of light.

The energy of ideas and excitement is flying, ready for you to receive.

But do you catch it?

Do you see it?

You can, just get quiet for a moment longer. Stay still. Stay here.





It’s not coming into your mind, it’s coming through your wholeness, then your mind will make a thing about it that will or won’t make sense.

That’s ok. 
Know that you are still receiving it, the energy, the flash of excitement, the ideas.

Look beyond what your mind is willing to tell you and you will see it too.

How is the Energy of Fear trying to support you?

How is this energy of fear trying to support you-.png

So, you write something that's up for you...

It feels True, maybe vulnerable.

You want to share it with your community.
You're feeling pretty good about it...

Then it's time to hit SEND...
Fear, worry, panic, judgement arise.

You feel hot.
The blood rushes through your whole body.

The fear of judgment that hasn't even happened is taking over your physical experience.
And nothing has even happened yet.

It's amazing how we can create such a powerful physiological response, something that can move you into lock down and inaction.

Do you notice how the actual THOUGHTS in your head are actually the thing that is creating this physical experience?
The beautiful thing with this is that you can also use your thoughts or other tools to create a DIFFERENT experience.
Where you can write, share, BE in a way that supports the growth of your business and keeps you feeling completely aligned, REAL, and in movement.

Try this.
Imagine the judgment washing over you. Let it be there. Let it come closer. Watch it. Without judgment. Bring in some curiosity
How is this energy of fear trying to support you?
Keep you safe? 
Protect you? 
Keep you in alignment and truth?

There is a goodness in it.

And the more you do it, be with the energy and the intensity, let it be the checks and balances, the more that same intensity will begin to shift.

Ultimately allowing you to move through the experience and share your self and your message because it IS true, safe, aligned, and in greater service to your entire system than the need to protect you.

Share your message. 
Increase your visibility. 
Be seen.

The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.


Oh self-doubt…

Self-doubt is running on a level deep below the surface, only to pop out and be seen when you are allowing yourself to step more fully into allowing yourself to Be Seen.

The actions you take, the new beliefs you hold that are integrating in every cell in your body, are starting to shake the very foundation of this self-doubt program.

It is holding on for dear life, KNOWING that it serves you in some way, begging to stay in place, slipping away when you begin to really get a sense of it.

Self-doubt peeks around and asks you to look at it. See it in the eyes. Hold it in your hands. Offer it love, acceptance, appreciation, and compassion.

There are so many ways it has served you throughout your life. Keeping you from shining the bright light on your greatness to keep you safe, belonging and being loved.

Keeping your greatness from truly being seen served you before, but now it is time that you can’t keep that hidden any longer.

It is time to shed the masks, to release the layers of untruths, to just BE who you are – without apology, without exception.

The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.

And even then, self-doubt will peek back out again and check – are you sure?

Are you sure you want to do this? 
Are you sure you are safe? 
Are you sure I can’t still help you?

And just like a child who is getting ready to experience something new and exciting – they may cling to your leg and then pull away, only to come back to check in with you again.
But this part of you knows that it is time. 
You are safe.

You are ready to “risk” being the fullest expression of yourself – because everything else is just another way of fighting against yourself, keeping parts of yourself hidden – and truly that’s just so much more work.

So you choose THIS version of “ease”. The one that still feels new and not completely settled - and not so easy. But THIS version is the one that is ready to BE SEEN.
You are safe.

Let's upgrade your system to acclimate to a new level of impact and receiving!

Join me for the Free 5 Day Visibility Expansion Experience here now: https://realresultsmentoring.lpages.co/visibility-expansion-experience/

Want to be more VISIBLE - to create more Influence and Impact?


Want to be more VISIBLE - to create more Influence and Impact?

"Just take these Actions"...


Please no.

I know you know that taking action is important.

And NOT taking action is also important!

There are times when stillness, silence, and sitting is what creates the next burst of insight, creativity, and inspiration.

If you are always moving, you miss the truth, the deeper knowing, the ease.

The consistent action keeps you ABOVE, keeps your head in the clouds in a way that keeps you "safe" from connecting to the "reality".

It seems safer up there, easier

But that constant level of stress and anxiety in your system is actually doing more harm than turning up your Brave-o-meter and taking a look.

So the REALITY is that the more connected you are to your truth, the more VISIBLE you will be.

Visible where the quality of busy actions isn't meaninful or impactful but where the truth of your essence shines so bright it can't NOT be seen.

So yes, be more visible. 
Do it for the right reasons.
Shine your light and illuminate your truth. 
And let it be seen by all who will be impacted.

Don't just take more Actions. 
Upgrade your whole system to BE SEEN, even greater...
to BE WITNESSED in all it's greatness.

Join me for the FREE 5 Day Visibility Expansion Experience to upgrade your system & experience more visibility and impact!

What does it actually mean to be successful?


What does it actually mean to be successful?

Is it a certain amount of money?
A certain number of clients?
A certain amount of "busy"ness?

Who actually cares?

Yes, you do -
And it doesn't matter what anyone else "thinks", REALLY.
let's be real...

how many clients you have doesn't actually mean anything to anyone - except you
How often you see those clients doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...
How many hours you choose to "work" doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...

Can we be done with all this?

I understand it's easy to generalize the Desires...

And it is creating an experience of DISCONNECTION

Disconnection from what's true - for YOU.
Disconnection from the Desire.
Disconnection from yourself.
Disconnection from your Truth.

What do YOU actually want to experience?

I invite you to pull all of your seeking, trying, people pleasing energy back into your center.

Invite it all in - even the sticky parts.

Give it as much time as it needs to find its way back.
No judgement.

Now, from here, what do YOU actually WANT to be experiencing?

Can that be YOUR definition of success?

For today, this week, this year.

You can always change it.

This actually is all about YOU, so let's let everyone else have their own experience.

My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)


My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)

It feels like the edge, the precipice, the next big thing coming...

It feels exciting and the nerves are rushing

It feels like an old interpretation of anxiety, but this version of me knows this nuance better, more refined

It grows bigger, and bigger

And then the energy moves down
Feeling the truth that is below me and around me

And I can see clearly the step forward

What felt like the next quantum leap, the thing that takes all the courage, the willingness, the faith...

Is actually just a step

No jumping
No leaping
No guessing

Just a step
Just another step

That's it.

That's the quantum leap.

Every step is my next quantum leap...


The "step" is an illusion of my resistance,

No step is needed.

There's a bridge
With unlimited support
Carrying me


What will it take for me to choose?

Safety for my brain...
And my brain can see the safety.

What will it really take?

I have to CHOOSE it.

And I do.

And what I ride of grounded, support and ease that is carrying me.

Oh such a tricky pattern that can keep me from RECEIVING.

And the truth that it's so much easier to CHOOSE it than to RESIST it

So here I am, 
And here I go.

(Art by Eugenia Loli)

Are you TOO BIG?


Isn't it time to stop playing the "I'll smash myself down to make it ok for you" game?

What if you leaned toward your bigness? 
What if you amplified your greatness? 
What if you activated your gifts even more?

Yep, some people might not be able to handle it, and some may not even be able to see you anymore.

And those who are meant to see you for who you are will be able to see you, hear you, connect with you in a way that feels so much lighter, simpler, and true.

It's exhausting holding it in.

And, it's not an invitation to let your Ego run wild all over everyone.

It is an invitation to shine brighter from the light in you, your truth, your essence, your greatness.

People who need you to be smaller so they can be ok are not in your highest and best good.

And you are not serving them in being their highest self by pretending to be something your not.

Sure, you're still working through your stuff.

And you probably always will be in some fashion, as that's the rapid path of expansion you are riding, right?

And THAT doesn't mean you have to "hold it in" until... some point not yet defined.

It's time to take up space NOW

It's time to amplify your light NOW

It's time to activate your greatness NOW

This isn't an intellectual process, it's an energetic upgrade.

This is one of the energetic patterns of (in)visibility that shows up for people here to create their great change in the world.

Do you want support on this path? Message me and let's take a look at what's available.
PM for details. It's time... ✨✨✨

When you feel CALLED to deliver your next level of work...


When you feel CALLED (or really pulled 😉) to deliver your next level of work...

And you witness the formerly confident, capable, get it done person begins to feel the uncertainty, the doubt - the process of bringing YOUR OWN WORK into the world. 

Yep, we all know of the systems and steps for "how to do business"... 

But what about the actual LABOR and BIRTHING of your creation, your work, your purpose into the world? 

When you receive a knowing, information, a creation, and NO ONE has done it before, then what? 

Somehow that brings up all the places where you are not yet embodying your greatness. 

And - for many connected entrepreneurs who are moving through this process now - it also means a melting away of the "way" you used to "get stuff done" and a somewhat painful process of "allowing" the work or the creation to come into being. 

Somehow we have to get our "type A, overachiever, make it happen" selves out of the way to LET the goodness come in - without "having to" DO ALL THE THINGS.

The way you used to create lists, have tasks, have timelines, and deadlines - have a strong need to fade away. 

"But I don't want to!" [In the best toddler voice...] (right??)

I hear you. I've been through this too - and am even choosing to continue the evolution.

Re-learning how to be in your business, how to DO (and NOT do) your business. 

It was painful - challenging. 

And, it was liberating, and powerful, and profound...

and when I stopped the fight, there was an ease about it I hadn't yet known. 

And it was hard! Not easy! Re-learning, un-learning, un-doing, finding a way into BEING - that is some of the hardest work to do. 

And when you choose that, when you choose to set down the fight, and move toward it like a conveyor belt bringing you down the aisle with all the goodies just for you, it's actually pretty amazing too!

Again, not easy. And also, there's a way we can choose "not hard". 

But people aren't talking about this part. 

There are successful, "get it done" entrepreneurs who have melted the old, to let it all go, to step into something even bigger, even greater. 

Greater because it is even more aligned to the thing they are here to do. 

It just doesn't always look like that when you are IN IT. 

So in all of this, please know, you are not alone. This is what is being called for next. 

You are not crazy. 

Trust yourself. Trust the process. (Even if you don't really know what that is.) 

And ask for support if you feel that too. 

What I know supported me in this CREATION process more than anything is:

Doing my own looking at what is and isn't true. 

Being willing to BE in the in-between. 

Being willing to not yet KNOW what comes next and when.

(BEING WILLING was one of my biggest challenges.) 😐

And receiving support from people that are are not attached to THE WAY - and open to the fact that you are birthing YOUR WAY - and no one has done that YET!

If you are feeling some relief thinking about this kind of support moving through this next layer of your work coming now, send me an email and let's see what's available next for you. 

I have created a level of support to meet you in your powerful leadership as you prepare to create your Creation. Whether that's your next evolution, project, speaking gig, event... 

This is available to you as a CREATOR when you know that the thing you DON'T SEE for yourself is the thing that will allow you to step into the next level and release the pieces that are holding you back - even if you can't name it. 

This is beyond the actions, the lists, the brainstorms. 

When you know that YOU are the creator of your experience - and you know there are other factors impacting your next level of success, it's time. 

It's time to work the crunchy places, to work the energetics, to do your personal work - because ultimately that is the thing that creates what you experience next.

So let's see, send me an emaill and let's connect. And we can see what is the right thing to meet you and your next creative EVOLUTION.

There are layers and layers and layers...


BEING SEEN is not just a setting of ON and OFF.

There are layers and layers and layers.

Who you are and how much of yourself you let BE SEEN may vary in different groups, with different people, in different settings.

The more we release the need or desire for it to be done or complete.

The more we are available to move through what is available for you in each moment.

Without judgement
With curiosity.

Are you open and curious to moving through the next layer of invisibility - no matter how that may be presenting itself - so just a bit more of YOU can truly BE SEEN?

✨✨Would you like support with this? Your next client, speaking opportunity, Up Level, Elevation, is available to you NOW.

If you would like to book a complimentary Visibility Expansion session where we take a look at your energetic system to see what is available, send me a PM me, There are just a couple sessions available for next week. ✨✨