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Activate Your Up Level 

Do you know you have this inner greatness inside you - and it's time to make an even greater impact?

If only everyone could see what you KNOW to be there inside you from a place of truth, (and you could keep the rest of you believing it to), then you would be able to create even greater change in the world, make an even bigger impact?

There is a lot of energy around bringing your great work into the world. 

And if you feel into that, there is a longing, a deep knowing, a truth inside that tells you that there is something great (or even greater) to bring out. 

Yet, often there are things keeping that next level of big change energy from coming out into the world – like fear, old patterns, people around you, your current work, scarcity beliefs…

The reality is you KNOW deep in your soul that you are here to create some kind of impactful change in the world – even if the words to describe it or claim it sometimes choose to lay low (or hide behind your current business offerings or JOB).

So here is the key to bringing your work out into the world
in a way that matches the knowing you hold for yourself –

In order for you to bring your greatness into the world you need to see it, acknowledge it, love it, and claim it in yourself. 

So of course there is the KNOWING that lets you know it’s there.  And, what does your mind think about that?

Sometimes it’s totally on board, right? 
And other times… not so much?

And it’s not just your mind.  It’s all these beautiful layers of protection that have been developed and fostered to keep you safe. 

Safe from what?  Well, in a big way, safe from yourself. 

If you are to be so bold, to claim your greatness, to own your gifts, to take action to create this change – then what might happen?

Again, there may be two answers – one is truth and one is fear.  And we have to be careful as sometimes one side even wants to hide behind some new belief statement, affirmation, or positive thought. 

And, that’s all fine.

The point is not to understand and justify and build a case for why it is here, the point is to bring all the parts of you – your whole system – on board with what you actually want to create (rooted in truth).

So while it seems like it should be so easy to just see, acknowledge, love, and claim your greatness or desire for change in yourself, often we just can’t see it ourselves.

It’s not a bunch of affirmation statements or post-it notes with the upgraded belief, it is actually creating it to be true in your whole system. 

These things can be intertwined into all the parts of us, into all the ways we show up, the ways we choose to interact with our business, with our relationships, with our self. 

And, the reality is you can absolutely do this.  

You can:

·      Be more VISIBLE

·      Speak your TRUTH

·      Be aligned with your GIFTS

·      Experience ABUNDANCE & Upgrade your Money Story

·      Stand in your personal power

·      Connect to your INTUITION and create from there

·      RECEIVE divine guidance

·      CREATE your great change in the world

You can be the creator of your experience. 

And everything you do is either reinforcing your current experience or upgrading your system. 

You have likely been seeking this experience but perhaps it was disguised in the great ambition you hold for your business.  And what a beautiful and brilliant place to keep that hidden.  

And such a powerful way to begin to truly create the change you want to experience when you step into this new way of being. 

See the shift in your business, in your relationships, in your parenting, in your health, in yourself. 

Trust me, it’s everywhere. 

Take the step to create the shift so you can SEE it and know it – and so everyone else can easily see it to.  That’s when your big vision starts to take on a life of it’s own and you are the powerful creator of what you truly desire in your business (and of course, everywhere else).

Are you ready to Activate Your UP LEVEL? 

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This is the place where we work the unseen influences that are impacting you so you can see the practical reality show up in your business (and life) – and receive the support from the circle of women walking their path along side you. 

APPLY HERE to Activate Your Expansion, this is an ACTIVATION to support you to claim your next level of greatness on every level so you can begin to experience the next level of impact you create all around you.

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— Lindy LaRoche, Founder Poppy Soap Co // Inspired Business Coach,

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