5E Experience: Epic Expansion & UP LEVEL

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This is the new paradigm in business & networking...

  • Expand & Elevate your Energetic Presence in this Epic Experience
  • & Connect with other amazing Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Change Makers. 

This is a curated experience designed to support you in your EXPANSION.  Expanding who you are being in your business (& life) so you can ignite your UP Level and experience Conscious Excellence in all areas of your life.  

You can: 

  • Expand your energetic PRESENCE - so your ideal clients, opportunities, money, and partnerships can easily find you
  • Expand your capacity to RECEIVE - so you can take in all the goodness flowing to you
  • Expand your CONNECTION to your inner guidance - so you can make solid decisions that are right and true and in the highest service to you and YOUR business
  • Expand your TRUTH you have to give - so you can tap into the gifts already inside you and give with ease and connected to an infinite supply and so you can end burnout, overwhelm, and stress from giving the things that are not aligned with your innate greatness.
  • Expand your COMMUNICATION skills - so you can know what you want and ask for it, have empowered conversations, and connect with the people important in your work and life.
  • Expand your VISIBILITY - so you can make an even greater impact in your business, your community, and the world!

When you work with the invisible impacts influencing your business & life the struggles can become clarity, the questions, the uncertainty, and the self-doubt can melt away into revealing the next layer of the truth of who you are, how you do YOU in the world, and how you serve.  

(And of course, the details under that - strategy, offers, pricing, packages, messaging, sales - all become clearer because you are revealing your truth instead of following someone's advice or recommendations.) 

There are a lot of "invisible" impacts that influence your results, your business, and your success - your presence, your emotions, your body language, your energy, your beliefs and mindset.  

  • Have you ever had the experience where you have done the same thing before but this time you are getting totally different results?
  • Have you wondered why sometimes it's so easy for clients to be drawn to you and other times no matter what you do, nothing happens?
  • What is your experience with money? Does it flow in and disappear, does it not flow in..

When you work with the Invisible Language of Business and Success you can create results with more ease, less stress, and more fulfillment.  

Join me for this Epic Expansion Experience where we begin to upgrade how you are BEING in your business (& your life) so you can create more of what you want to be experiencing.  

Join the 5E Experience!  

During this time together:

  • We will begin by working with the Invisible Language of Business and Success through experiential exercises (please come as you are, wear comfortable clothes, and bring a yoga mat for any time we may spend on the floor). 
  • We will complete with a new paradigm in networking experience - where you will have the opportunity to connect from your grounded truth and let your true business essence shine as you meet and develop relationships with other powerful creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs. 
  • We will share bubbly beverages and light snacks as we complete our experience. 

To learn more about the next 5E Experience event in your area, please click here. 

The week after I started working with Arriya I enrolled my first client. Now 3 months later I have increased my rates and had my first 5-figure month! Learning the authentic sales conversation skills, implementing sales and marketing strategies, and shifting money mindsets and beliefs, has set me up for success that is sustainable.
— Lindy LaRoche, Founder Poppy Soap Co // Inspired Business Coach, www.PoppySoap.com

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